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La Scherma, the art of fencing by Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri  translated by Piermarco Terminiello, Carline Stewart and Phil Marshall of the School of the Sword. This is a second edition of this translation.  ‘This is the first published English translation of Francesco Alfieri’s fencing treatise: “La Scherma”, first published in Padua Read more →


“In this book I have striven to summarize, as succinctly as I could and as clearly as I have been able, the rules and methods that seemed necessary to me for the practice of the sword, both alone and with companion weapons. Having to describe the many minutiae and particular Read more →

The Second Giganti

Nicoletto Giganti is one of the most celebrated Italian fencing masters of the 17th century. His widely-acclaimed treatise of 1606 promised a second work, which however was long considered lost or never to have been written. Nonetheless in 1847 Alberto Marchionni did describe a purported second book by Giganti, outlining Read more →