Middle Grade : Fennec

Our Fennec line is suitable for Middle Grade readers and YA. Visit the site for blogs and more information and details of the Fennec Kit Club for younger readers. 

The Girl in the Fort

The Girl in the Fort by Tracy Fahey Cover art by Jacob Stack Layout by Vincent Holland-Keen ‘Your actions affect others; you are very powerful.’ For a second her eyes seem to glaze over, her voice deepens. ‘You hold a great fate in your hands, and no-one can tell what Read more →

Ghoulsome Graveyard

Ghoulsome Graveyard by G. Clark Hellery Cover art by Matthew Clark Hellery When the local graveyard is scheduled for redevelopment, journalist Catherine decides to help the residents. She decides to hold a fete and enlists the help of everyone living in the graveyard but with ghosts, zombies, witches and a Read more →