FS imprints

We have a number of lines in addition to our main Fox Spirit genre books for adults and young adults.

Fennec for Middle Grade to Young Adult readers.

Fennec for Cubs

Some time ago Fox Spirit looked into the possibility of a line of books for younger audience members. The project was named ‘Fennec’ for the smallest fox. Since then what was an idea has developed into a plan and in…

Vulpes our Historical European Martial Arts line


This is Fox Spirit Books and here we aren’t really into traditional boundaries, so when we were approached with something new and exciting of course we said yes. This imprint covers historical european martial arts (HEMA). It might seem an…

FoxGloves our modern martial arts and combat sports line. 


A while ago Aunty Fox sat down with MMA coach Nathan Leverton and said ‘what if…’ Well you know how that goes here at Fox Spirit. We now have a new imprint and sister site www.foxglovesmartialarts.com or www.foxsglovesbooks.com focussing on…