Fennec for Cubs


Some time ago Fox Spirit looked into the possibility of a line of books for younger audience members. The project was named ‘Fennec’ for the smallest fox. Since then what was an idea has developed into a plan and in addition to being Fennec’s debut writer,  Geraldine Clark Hellery has agreed to take on the role of commissioning editor for future titles. You can find more on Fox Spirit’s Fennec line, books for middle grade children from nine to teen at Kit the Fennec’s own website here.

Fennec books are Middle Grade moving towards YA. The adult Fox Spirit Line also includes titles for older YA readers. 

Fennec Kit’s Club

If you would like to nominate a child for the Kit’s Club you just need to send their first name and postal address to adele@foxspirit.co.uk or kit@kitthefennec.co.uk

They will receive a membership card and a badge straight away and then every Christmas a card and a little something from Aunty Fox and Kit. 

In addition if you send proof of any Fox Spirit book purchase, including our Fenenc, Vulpes and FoxGloves lines, to us along with proof of purchase and the membership number, we will give your cub a paw point. Ten paw points means an extra little surprise in the post.

Gifts will include, badges, sticker sheets, patches, short fiction, extra art work and other small Fox Spirit related items. 

There is no cost to membership. All proofs of purchase need to come to adele@foxspirit.co.uk and include the membership number of the cub you want to benefit.