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Aunty Fox A.K.A The Captain

Aunty Fox

Adele Wearing, known to the skulk as ‘Aunty Fox’ is a lifelong genre fan, was for some time a book blogger back in the day . She then set up Fox Spirit in response to, well trickery and cunning on the part of her friends. Seriously, it was set up!

Sometimes referred to as ‘feral leader’ or ‘Captain’, Aunty Fox takes care of a skulk of writers, artists, editors and other foxy folk, while trying to keep everything in place to get the books out. In addition she has a full time day job. Since she lacks the swiftness and cunning that typifies her species, Aunty Fox trains in mixed martial arts, in order to ensure her grinning muzzle and infamous brush tail don’t end up on a huntsman’s wall.

Aunty Fox is the main contact for Fox Spirit at adele@

 K.A. Laity  EditorK. A. Laity is an all-purpose writer, Fulbrighter, uberskiver, medievalist, humourist, flâneuse, techno-shamanka, Broad Universe social media maven, and Pirate Pub Captain <> currently anchored in Dundee, Scotland.


kalaity (@) foxspirit (.) co (.) uk


Mhairi Simpson Editor
(Mhairi is pronounced VAA-ri)

Mhairi Simpson is a fantasy writer (mostly blood and inner demons) and inveterate traveller (mostly Europe and South America). An only child who grew up in boarding schools and with a background in modern languages and paper pushing, Mhairi has spent most of her life with words on a page, leading her to realise her best shot at faking sanity is to be a full time author/editor. She has a story in the forthcoming ‘Tales of the Nun and Dragon’ and is editing an anthology for Fox Spirit in 2012.

 mhairi (@) foxspirit (.) co (.) uk

Jo Thomas  Editor

HeadshotJo writes speculative fiction and joined the Skulk with her book 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf. She has been persuaded into editing following one of those conversations where everything seems like a good idea at the time – and then you realise what you’ve just agreed to. She can be found procrastinating and avoiding all responsibility on her website (

Margrét Helgadóttir Editor

imageMargrét Helgadóttir is a Norwegian-Icelandic writer who writes fiction in English. Born in Ethiopia, she lived parts of childhood and youth in East- and West-Africa. She now lives in Oslo, Norway. Margrét has written stories and poems since she was a child, but it was only in the autumn of 2012 that she felt confident enough to begin submitting fiction pieces for publication. So far she’s got stories in several magazines and the 2013/2014 print anthologies Girl at the End of the World, Impossible Spaces, Fox & Fae, and three first volumes of Fox Pockets.

Find out more about Margrét on her site: or on Twitter where she’s @MaHelgad

Jan Edwards Editor

Jan in Hat 001

Jan Edwards is a writer and (in no particular order) has a passion for folklore and mythology; has thirty-six fantasy shorts published in almost every form (with first collection coming very soon); was short-listed for a BFS Award for Best Short Story; lives in North Staffs with  other half Peter Coleborn plus the cats and chickens, but was born and raised in West Sussex; is a Reiki Master and Meditational Healer; taroist par excellence; edits for the award winning Alchemy Press (with the inimitable Jenny Barber – The Alchemy Book of Ancient Wonders (2012) and Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic vol (2013) with vol 2 due in late 2014); has one mainstream novel out under a pen name and a fantasy novel as Jan Edwards arriving shortly. That’s about it, folks.

For more details go to

Jenny Barber Editor


Jenny Barber is an editor and writer with a particular fondness for short fiction. Along with Jan Edwards she has co-edited The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders, The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic #1 and the upcoming Urban Mythic #2. As a writer she has had fiction published with various small presses including Fox Spirit Books and Elektrik Milk Bath Press and has written non-fiction for the Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse blog. When not doing any of that, she’s a minion of all trades for the family business and can usually be found wrangling spreadsheets and walking around rented houses talking to herself.

Brave souls can find her at: or on twitter at @jenqoe

Darren Pulsford Editor

Daz can normally be found glaring at a Fox Spirit submission or joyfully adding brackets to spreadsheets; it came as quite the surprise to find himself an actual Editor. It’s moderately exciting, as it goes.
When not doing All The Things behind the scenes, he likes to noodle on stringed instruments, read a variety of diverse genre titles, and will eventually finish the Lego Castle he has in his head. He has a real job too, but don’t we all?!

In addition to the editors, Fox Spirit would be nothing without the authors and artists we work with and the behind-the-scenes team here that make up the skulk at the FS Den.

Copy Editor  – Darren Pulsford
Daz tirelessly spellchecks, tweaks, smooths, reads and re-reads everything that Fox Spirit put out. He is also our ‘King of Spreadsheets’ helping the processes run smoothly and ensuring that all our decimal points are in the right place.
Daz also provides his excellent services to a number of individual authors.

Book Formatting / Styling  – Gavin Pugh
Gav runs ‘Hand eBooks’ and does our ‘e’ and ‘print’ book formatting and styling. Gav provides his services to a number of small indie presses and is vital in ensuring a quality finished product for the reader.

Aunty Fox Approved Resources for Writers and Small Publishers

Alasdair Stuart
Man Of Words
Columnist, publicity materials

Amanda Rutter
‘I am a skilled structural editor, with experience of acquiring novels and bringing them to the marketplace in their best possible format. I have worked previously as an editor with Morrigan Books and Strange Chemistry Books. In the latter role, I was sole editor and responsible for editing a number of critically acclaimed and award-nominated novels.’

Greg Smith
Proofing, editing, copywriting
Basically, if it involves writing, then I can help.  No commission is too large, or too small.  What I can always guarantee is that regardless of the size and complexity of the job, you will always receive the same personalised and professional service.

Amy Diamond
Proofing and Editing &
‘I am a specialist wordsmith; Willing to help with whatever your writing needs: Whether you need assistance with your academic work to help you get that extra grade, copy to make your business more reader friendly, or have a novel which simply needs fine tuning.’

Jenny Walklate
Proofing, editing, transcription

Academic Services

‘I am available to provide academic editorial services, including proof reading, copy editing, transcription, and review and discussion. I am particularly expert in the humanities and social sciences, especially English Language and Literature, Medieval History, Other History, Ethnography, Anthropology, and Museum Studies, but I am open to all subjects. I accept work from across the world, but English only please. I am also open to offering the same services to producers of criticism, fiction and poetry. Please contact me on if you require my services, adding the length of your document per page or word.’