The PseudoPod Tapes Volume 2 by Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart, one of the UK’s most knowledgeable and enthusiastic genre journalists returns with this second collection of PseudoPod Essays.

Originally recorded for the 2013 episodes of the horror fiction podcast, these essays are as varied as the horror genre itself. Some are funny, some disturbing, all are honest. After all, Pseudopod has stories for you and, as always, they promise they’re true.

Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart is a genre fiction writer and pop culture analyst. His nonfiction has been published by ,Uncanny Magazine, and Barnes & Noble. His game writing includes ENie nominated work on the Doctor Who RPG and the upcoming After The War from Genesis of Legend. He co-owns the Escape Artists Podcast Network and hosts their horror show, PseudoPod. His most recent publication is The PseudoPod Tapes …

The PseudoPod Tapes Volume 1

Alasdair Stuart, one of the UK’s most knowledgeable and passionate genre journalists has finally decided to do a book. And not just any book, he’s not just offering up his in depth genre gems for your delectation, it’s better than that.

In the Pseudopod Tapes, Alasdair gathers a years worth of outro’s from one of the worlds leading horror podcasts and collects them all together for you in this volume. Stuart hosts Pseudopod with a sharp wit, clear insight, tremendous honesty and warm humour. It translates extremely well to the page.

FS Book of Love : Cover

Those of you who subscribe to Alasdair Stuart’s the Full Lid got a preview of this, those who don’t well it’s here  and we highly recommend it. Created by C.A. Yates, Paul Yates and Vincent Holland-Keen the book of love cover is here! Love. That many-splendoured thing. It can move mountains and make fools of …

Skulk at @Dublin2019 WorldCon

Dublin 2019 World Con will be full of floof! It even includes a performance by the Fox Spirit Skulk Players! CON-EIRE ‘ConEIRE’  50 minutes FRIDAY 5:00 PM  –  5:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2A Moderator Dr Kate Laity (College of Saint Rose) | Penny Jones | Mr simon jones | Dr Tracy Fahey | Chloë Yates (The Skulk Players (ConEire)) | Adele Wearing (Fox Spirit Book)| Tom Everley (Fox Spirit Books) …

Enjoy on us!

There is loads of FREE content for you to enjoy on our website. At the moment the front page has a sampler of the opening pages of each of our summer releases.  You can buy Fearless Genre Warriors for £0.00 in our ebook store and get a substantial collection of short stories from our first …

Launch Day – The PseudoPod Tapes 2 – Approach with Caution

If you are not already familiar with Escape Artists horror podcast you should check it out. The whole Escape Artists podcast family is professionally put together and brings great stories and fabulous narration right to your ears! For the horror podcast, Alasdair Stuart is the host and this is the second volume of his outro …

Fox Pockets 7 In an Unknown Country collected by Adele Wearing

Other Worlds, unfamiliar territory, places we should not be! Wanderers in strange lands and those who have strayed just a little off the path face their fates in an unknown country. A selection of short and flash fiction exploring the unfamiliar, new worlds and new perspectives.