Fox Pockets 7 In an Unknown Country collected by Adele Wearing

Other Worlds, unfamiliar territory, places we should not be! Wanderers in strange lands and those who have strayed just a little off the path face their fates in an unknown country. A selection of short and flash fiction exploring the unfamiliar, new worlds and new perspectives.

Fox Pockets 8 Piercing the Vale collected by Adele Wearing

Ghost stories, a cat that can cross between our world and the fae and stories that go beyond life and death. Piercing the Vale is a collection of short and flash fiction that goes exploring beyond the veil of life and also strays into fairy realms.

Tales of Eve edited by Mhairi Simpson

Weird Science, Stepford Wives, that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer… Genre fiction abounds with tales of men creating (or attempting to create) the perfect woman. Now it’s the woman’s turn.

But being female, she’s flexible. She doesn’t just want to create the perfect man. She wants the perfect companion, be it man, beast or washing machine.

Tales of the Nun & Dragon collected by Adele Wearing

Come, rest your weary bones, draw a flagon and hark to the tales of Nuns & Dragons, of bravery and steadfastness in the face of mighty and implacable foes. Settle down and indulge yourself in wild flights of fancy brought to life by your fellow travellers.” The Nun & Dragon is a local like no other – share in the wild and wonderful tellings of a gifted panoply of authors, tales replete with wonder, a liberal coating of mysticism, the odd splash of darkness and a sprinkling of grim humour.