Weird Wild

Weird Wild

A collection of short stories by G Clark Hellery
Cover art by Matthew Clark HelleryWeird Wild


Weird Wild is a collection of linked stories written in different genres and different styles.

Have you been down to the Weird Wild Woods? You’re sure for a big surprise. For down in the woods the wild things lurk, from hungry trolls to battling fae. Join the bears for the teddy bears picnic and enjoy more than a slice of pie. Beware the chime of the bluebells and those who dance to their ring. Basque in the shade of the Dragon Tree but beware it’s flaming leaves. The lake is a beautiful place to be and for many a site of pilgrimage while the campsite is always a busy hive of activity. If you’re into history, there’s a cairn and a stone circle all ripe for exploration with locals who know their history as intimately as if they lived it. So join us in the Weird Wild Woods, I can guarantee it will be a visit you remember for the rest of your life.
Opening paragraphs of Weird Wild
The Camp Site
‘Eeew, Dad, there’s a man on the other side of the lake and there’s a floating woman that he’s pushing like a boat,’ yelled
George looked up from the tent poles in his hands. ‘What are you talking about, Peter?’
‘He’s killed a woman and now he’s trying to drown her in the lake,’ called Peter’s brother Carl as he joined his brother on the lake shore.
‘Camp side stories,’ chuckled George as he looked at his wife Lucy who giggled into her book. ‘Boys, come over here and give me a hand with this tent,’ said George as he studied the instructions intently. Finally he threw the instructions aside in disgust. His sons remained transfixed by the lake. ‘It seems like you need a damned PhD
to put the stupid thing up,’
‘Now, George, remember this was your idea, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, you said. You should be happy the boys left their video games at home,’ chided Lucy as she carefully folded the corner of her page, put her book in her backpack before turning to help her husband lay out the tent canvas and poles. ‘You filled the boys’ heads with tales of fishing, sleeping under the stars and stories around the campfire. None of us expected soggy leaves, a droopy tent and this damned fog.’ Lucy looked up at the trees. A light fog had
been dancing around their tips for most of the day but luckily it hadn’t sunk down to the forest floor.

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Liquorice UK ‘The mix of styles and genres, incorporating elements of thriller and fantasy works well on the whole and the descriptions of the wood are wonderfully vivid and rich, beautifully capturing the eeriness of the setting.’