About Fox Spirit

ad captandum vulpus

Fox Spirit believes that day to day life lacks a few things. We need the fantastic, the magical, the mischievous and even a touch of the horrific to stave off the banal and humdrum. Let the skulk bring you stories full of wonder and mischief delivered with a sharp bite.

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Love is all around us... And it's here!

Love is all around us… And it’s here!

Yesterday in the UK the pubs reopened. Today something even better happened., and way more culturally significant. The Fox Spirit ...
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It's not all chocolates and kittens you know : The FS Book of Love

It’s not all chocolates and kittens you know : The FS Book of Love

The book of love is nearly with us and before we launch we thought we would tease you with the ...
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Dyslexic Friendly Books - Kickstarter

Dyslexic Friendly Books – Kickstarter

I'm delighted to see the kickstarter is doing really well and you can find it here THE PITCH The idea ...
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Monster Blog : Haralambi Markov

Monster Blog : Haralambi Markov

Haralambi is an old friend of Fox Spirit and I was delighted when i saw his name among the list ...
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SKULK (skĘŚlk)

noun: skulk; plural noun: skulks
1. a group of foxes.
“the skulk howls away into the night”
2. a group of writers and artists that refuse to be confined by genre boundaries.
“be part of the Fox Spirit skulk”

1. keep out of sight, typically with a sinister or cowardly motive.
“don’t skulk outside the door like a spy!”
synonyms: lurk, loiter, hide, conceal oneself, lie in wait, keep out of sight.