Cover Reveal : We All Have Teeth

Hello Foxy Folk!

We are delighted to reveal the cover for the upcoming collection of one of our most featured writers and editor of The Fox Spirit Book of Love, C.A. Yates. Designed by Vincent Holland-Keen and the author, we pray your eyes can take it…

Have you ever wondered if fish can sing? Seen bikinis kill? Been curious about whether or not there’ll be any justice at the end of the world, or if dogs are really psychopomps? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because C.A. Yates has already thought about all these things and more. Her debut collection gathers together most of her work with Fox Spirit Books, plus other outlets, and some new and previously unpublished work under one roof… which, admittedly, makes for some strange bedfellows. That’s how we like it though, right?