Why Join the Skulk?

Have you ever wanted to just climb inside a book and say, hang out by the fire in the Gryffindor common room, or drink tea and swap theories on an obscure crime in 221B Baker Street? Me too. 

If you love stories that bring something a little bit different and books that romp happily across genres with no respect for marketing boundaries you are in the right place. Pull up a comfy chair, I will put the kettle on and let your Aunty Fox tell you about becoming a fearless genre warrior in the Skulk.

Fox Spirit House Words – Floof Will Out!

Be part of something special, get your paws on awesome swag and it only costs your soul. I mean nothing, it costs nothing. We aren’t apparently able to process souls at this time. 

Benefits of joining the Skulk:
You get access to our protected members area where we will post exclusive stories for free, from amazing skulk writers like James Oswald, Gaie Sebold and K.A. Laity.
You will get exclusive coupons and offers for ebooks in our online shop, giving you even better value on those stories.

10% Skulk discount on physical items at events.
Other offers will pop up from time to time just for you. 
There will be opportunities to buy skulk exclusive designs on t shirts and the like. Not available to non members.
From time to time we will post out exclusive items of swag for members who give their postal address. Who doesn’t love swag?

How to Join?
Just go to the bottom of the website and look for the sign up form. Enter the information, including postal address if you want physical goodies, and you are done. 

I will never use this information for anything other than sending you foxy goodness. Foxy goodness is the best kind of goodness and your Aunty Fox just wants you to have all the foxy goodness in your life.