Forthcoming titles

Pseudopod Tapes Vol 2: Approach with caution by Alasdair Stuart
Love is a Grift by Graham Wynd
Feral Tales 1, Mangled by K.A. Laity
Eater of Names by Andrew Aston
Caleuche by Jonathan Ward
Three collections by Anne Michaud
Things I Learned from Cult TV edited by C.A. Yates
Dogs and Wolves (working title) a collection by Jo Thomas
Emily Nation 2 title tbc by Alec McQuay
American Monsters Part 2 edited by Margret Helgadottir, Part of the FS Books of Monsters series
Like Wheels for Wings by Ren Warom

We will be releasing information about more titles including, Fennec, FoxGloves and Vulpes titles as time goes on so please check back. 

long term plans involve dragons