Names in Noir

The Authors behind Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir


AJ Sikes is the author of Gods of Chicago, a new noir urban fantasy released in serial installments through Anachron Press. His stories also appear in anthologies by Fox Spirit Books (Noir Carnival), Xchyler Publishing, and KnightWatch Press. When he’s not scribbling, you can find him editing for his fellow independent authors or contributing to the annual sawdust output in his woodshop. Visit him at or on Twitter @SikesAaron

Allan Watson is a writer whose work leans towards the horror and supernatural end of the spectrum. He is the author of four novels – ‘Dreaming in the Snakepark’, ‘Carapace’, ‘The Garden of Remembrance’, ‘1-2-3-4’, and a motley collection of short stories called ‘…..And Other Stories’. His latest doomed venture has involved acting as ghost writer for the Reverend Strachan McQuade’s opus of bad taste comedy ‘Invergallus’. In between  the books, Allan wrote extensively for BBC Radio Scotland, churning out hundreds of comedy sketches, in addition to being a regular contributor for the world famous ‘Herald Diary’. He also masquerades as a  composer/musician, collaborating with crime writer Phil Rickman in a band called Lol Robinson with Hazey Jane II whose albums have sold on four different continents (Antarctica was a hard one to crack). Allan lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, but has never worn the kilt or eaten a deep fried Mars Bar. He is currently pretending to work on something new.

Andrez Bergen is an expat Australian writer, journalist, DJ, and ad hoc saké connoisseur who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for the past 11 years. He published noir/sci-fi novel ‘Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat’ in 2011 and the surreal fantasy ‘One Hundred Years of Vicissitude’ through Perfect Edge Books in 2012. He’s currently working on #3, titled ‘Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?’ Bergen has published short stories through Crime Factory, Shotgun Honey, Snubnose Press, Solarcide and Another Sky Press, and worked on translating and adapting the scripts for feature films by Mamoru Oshii, Kazuchika Kise and Naoyoshi Shiotani.

Asher Wismer is an Editor for, living and working in Maine. He is a second-generation writer; his father Don Wismer published four science-fiction books in the 1980s. Asher’s flash fiction is featured on the website, and he has had
three short stories published in anthologies from Wild Wolf Publishing (‘December in Florida,’ Holiday of the Dead), Matt Hilton (‘Jobs Taken,’ Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1), and KnightWatch Press (‘Safety in Numbers,’ anthology title pending). ‘Evil and Life’ will be his fourth published short story.

Carol Borden is a maker of weird artsy things, a writer and purveyor of crazy talk, bringer of the wrong. Her stories appear in Fox Spirits anthologies, Weird Noir; Carnival Noir; and in the upcoming, The Girl At The End Of The World. She is the comics editor and Evil Overlord at the website, The Cultural Gutter. Some of her favorite articles have been collected into a book, The Cultural Gutter, available from Carnegie-Mellon University’s ETC Press. She also creates monster-themed art. Keep up with her doings at her personal website:

Chloë Yates toured the world for many years with J.B.Lansbury’s Travelling Circus Company as Scheherazade The Sibilant Snake Woman from Beneath the Hot Sands of Zanzibar (although no one is quite sure why as she is, in fact, from Kent). It proved an excellent cover for her real role as an operative for the Skulk, an elite band of ninja foxes. Forced into hiding after a routine job went bad, she embarked on establishing a new life. After extensive and excruciating epilation, Chloë turned to writing for comfort. In October 2012, under her new identity, she was one of the winners of Fox Spirit Books’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day Flash Fiction contest with her story “Leave the Pistol Behind”, which can be found in the first of the Fox Pocket series, Piracy, while her noirish chops previously slathered into this volume’s predecessor, Weird Noir (2012). She’s currently working on a big idea or two, and writing short stories. You can read her ranting at  and she sometimes wanders through twitter under the sobriquet @shloobee. She is suspicious of dolls.

Christopher L. Irvin scribbles about the dark and mysterious and dreams of one day writing full-time. His stories have appeared twice in the University of Maine at Machias Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition, The Undead That Saved Christmas Vol. 3 Monster Mash! and Dreadworks Journal. He lives with his wife and son in Boston, Massachusetts.

Emma Teichmann loves cotton candy and the teacup ride, but can’t hit coconuts for shit. She also loves writing, fighting, and music-making. On weekdays she can be found with her lawyer’s cap on. She can also be found at!/emma.teichmann.5. Emma’s story  ‘Silvermelt’ is published in the Fox Pockets Piracy anthology, and her story ‘The Mimicians’ is in the Shapeshifters edition.

Hannah Kate is a Manchester-based poet, short story writer and editor. Her work has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, and her first full-length poetry collection, Variant Spelling, was published by Hic Dragones in 2011. Under the name Hannah Priest, she is an academic writer and lecturer. Hannah’s two personas are meant to be separate but are currently locked in a battle for territory. Hannah’s website and she’s on Twitter as @_Hannah_Kate_

Hector Acosta has recently been testing out a theory, in which he’s found that if he sits down and forces himself to write, eventually stories will fill up the blank page. He’s currently thinking of setting up speaking engagements across the country to extol his new found theory. In the meantime, he continues to write. You can find on him on the web at – which he promises to start updating more.

James Bennett escaped his cage at Waldo’s some time ago. ‘The Teeth Behind the Beard’ is his first Crime story, based on the strange things he saw there. You can find more information about his stories on his blog: and feel free to join him on Twitter: @I_James_Bennett

Jan Kozlowski is a freelance writer, editor and researcher. Her first novel DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! was published in 2012 by John Skipp’s  Ravenous Shadows imprint. Her short horror stories have appeared in HUNGRY FOR YOUR  LOVE: An Anthology of Zombie Romance and FANGBANGERS: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love, both edited by Lori Perkins and in NECON EBOOKS FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY BEST OF 2011. Her websites are: and

Jason Michel is the Dictator over at the joyfully irreverent Pulp Metal Magazine and the author of And The Streets Screamed Blue Murder! He lives in Paris. For his sins.

Jennifer Martin lives in El Paso, TX with her husband and two children. She writes horror, urban fantasy and paranormal stories and novels. You can find her at :

Joan De La Haye writes horror and some very twisted thrillers. She invariably wakes up in the middle of the night, because she’s figured out yet another freaky way to mess with her already screwed up characters. Joan is interested in some seriously weird stuff. That’s probably also one of the reasons she writes horror. Her novels, Shadows and Requiem in E Sharp, as well as her novella, Oasis, are published by Fox Spirit. You can find Joan on her website ( and follow her on Twitter (

Born in Singapore but a global citizen, Joyce Chng writes mainly science fiction (SFF) and YA fiction. She likes steampunk and tales of transformation/transfiguration. Her fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres, Semaphore Magazine, Bards and Sages Quarterly and Everyday Fiction. Joyce also has a crowdfunded web novella entitled ‘Oysters, Pearls and Magic’. Her urban fantasy novels are contracted under Lyrical Press. Her YA science fiction trilogy will be published by a Singapore publisher, Books Actually. Her website is found at

books (800x600)

K. A. Laity chose the stories for these collections after she was foolish enough to pitch the idea to ‘the muse who punches you in the face’ AKA Adele Wearing. She is grateful to Daz for doing the hard work of actually editing the stories. Her works include Chastity Flame, The Claddagh Icon, Unquiet Dreams, Owl Stretching and many many more. All-purpose writer, Fulbrighter, uberskiver, medievalist, flâneuse, techno-shamanka, Broad Universe social media wrangler, History Witch, and Pirate Pub Captain, she divides her time between Dundee & New York ·

When Katie Young isn’t juggling projects in the high-flying world of kids’ TV, she is mastering the beasts of her imagination and whipping words into shape. She has work published in various anthologies and with direct-to-mobile publisher, Ether Books. Her story, Atelic, was shortlisted for the 2010 Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book short fiction prize, and she is also a regular contributor to the Are You Sitting Comfortably? story-telling events in London, run by White Rabbit. Katie’s first dark fantasy novel, The Other Lamb, will be published by Curiosity Quills Press in Autumn 2014. She lives in South East London with her lovely assistant and a ferocious second-hand cat.

Karina Fabian breathes fire, battles zombies with chainsaws and window cleaner, travels to the edge of the solar system to recover alien artifacts, and has been driven insane by psychic abilities. It’s what makes being an author such fun. She won the 2010 INDIE Award for best fantasy for Magic, Mensa and Mayhem (her first DragonEye, PI novel) and the Global E-Book Award for best horror for Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator. She’s an active member of Broad Universe and the Catholic Writers’ Guild. When not writing, she enjoys her family and swings a sword around in haidong gumbdo.

Katherine Tomlinson is a former journalist who prefers making things up. Her stories have appeared online at sites like ThugLit, Shotgun Honey, Inner Sins, A Twist of Noir, and Eaten Alive as well as in the anthologies Pulp Ink, 2, Drunk on the Moon, and Alt-Zombie. She is the editor of the upcoming Nightfalls anthology. She lives in Los Angeles where she sees way too many movies. Find her work at her blog:

Leeyanne Moore is literary director for The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in Charlottesville, Virginia where she organizes readings and literary events. She has an MFA from Syracuse University and she has published short stories from her collection The House With  Chicken Feet in McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies, The Alembic, Western Humanities Review, and redlightbulbs. A lonely fabulist writer, she welcomes contact from other writers who like bizarre fiction too. Email her at

Li Huijia is a former editor with a penchant for folklore and fairytales. Her writing has appeared in Singaporean magazines, and her short fiction has been published in the anthology Eastern Heathens. She lives in Singapore and blogs about life, books and ice-cream at

Michael S. Chong was born a Scorpio in the Year of the Dog. He has lived in Toronto for most of his life but spent a few years in the Netherlands where he learned to love eating fries with mayonnaise. Now back in Canada, he enjoys the gravy and cheese curds of poutine but every once in awhile sentimentally slaps mayo on his frites. His story ‘The Creep’ is in the upcoming collection Masked Mosaic from Tyche Press.

Neal F. Litherland brings his own brand of chills and thrills from the exotic lands of Indiana, U.S.A., he puts on a show the likes of which folks won’t soon forget. Witness the dark wonders of visceral horrors, and listen to tales of far away worlds. Featured in Sidekicks with his story “Relic of the Red Planet”, and in the collection Big Damn Heroines with his spine-tingling tale “Terror on Saturn VI”. Find out where he’ll be and what he’s doing at

Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. He is the author of The Gumshoe, Guns Of Brixton, 13 Shots of Noir and Snapshots, and the editor of Drunk On The Moon and True Brit Grit. He writes regular columns for Pulp Metal Magazine and Out Of The Gutter Online. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc and the Hardboiled Collective, as well as editor-at-large for Noir Nation.

Rebecca Snow would be a lion tamer if her cats preferred flaming hoops to sleeping. She spends her days spinning cotton candy threads and weaving them into stories. Her short fiction has been published in a number of small press anthologies and online. Her online merry-go-round can be found at Stalk her on Twitter @cemeteryflower. And find her bloody hand on Facebook. She plants her tent stakes in Virginia

Richard Godwin is the author of critically acclaimed novels Apostle Rising, Mr. Glamour and One Lost Summer. One Lost Summer is a Noir story of fractured identity and ruined nostalgia. It is a psychological portrait of a man who blackmails his beautiful next door neighbour into playing a deadly game of identity. He is also a published poet and a produced playwright. His stories have been published in over 34 anthologies, among them his anthology of stories, Piquant: Tales Of The Mustard Man. Apostle Rising is a dark work of fiction exploring the blurred line between law and lawlessness and the motivations that lead men to kill. It digs into the scarred soul of a cop in the hunt for a killer who has stepped straight from a nightmare into the waking world. Mr. Glamour is about a world of wealthy, beautiful people who can buy anything, except safety from the killer in their midst. It is about two scarred cops who are driven to acts of darkness by the investigation. As DCI Jackson Flare and DI Mandy Steele try to catch the killer they find themselves up against a wall of secrecy. And the killer is watching everyone. Confessions Of A Hit Man is a high octane thriller with a plot that adds velocity like a well-oiled chicane. When ex-Royal Marine Jack becomes a paid assassin, work comes easily, especially when working for the Sicilian Mafia, until he gets drawn into a government plot selling enriched plutonium to a rogue Nation. It will be published in 2014 by MeMe and has already sold foreign rights in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
His fourth novel, Noir City, will be published next year in English and Italian by Atlantis. In it a Gigolo seduces the wife of a Mafia boss and is hunted across Europe. Richard Godwin was born in London and obtained a BA and MA in English and American Literature from King’s College London, where he also lectured. You can find out more about him at his website , where you can also read his Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse, his highly popular and unusual interviews with other authors.

Robin Wyatt Dunn lives in The Town of the Queen of the Angels, El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles, in Echo Park. He is a Member of the Horror Writers Association, and is proud to have been born in the Carter Administration. You can find him at

Sheri White lives in Maryland with her family. She has been published in many small-press anthologies and magazines, and also has a collection to be published by Necon E-Books. In addition to writing horror, she reads and reviews for several horror publications, both online and in print. She is also an editor/proofreader for Morpheus Tales magazines, and submissions editor for SNM Magazines. When not immersed in horror, Sheri is usually on Facebook or listening to The Beatles. You can contact her at, or on Facebook at

S.L. Johnson is a well-known, if seldom seen, recluse living in Connecticut. It has been rumored that she was a messenger for the French Resistance, going by the name of ‘Le Noir Pigeon.’ Or a rich Russian heiress, disowned by her family for falling in love with a poor Norwegian carpenter. Or a woman who took leave of her senses when she was jilted at the altar. Feel free to ask her any questions about her artwork. But not about her past.

W. P. Johnson graduated from Temple University with a degree in English Literature. He is a writer of horror, weird fiction, and a member of the Horror Writers Association. You can follow him via the moniker americantypo through twitter, wordpress, and whatever other social media is popular this week. He currently lives in Philadelphia where he is researching his first novel, a horror story about stand up comedians.

Cover by S. L. Johnson

Bryan Asbury (Introduction), also known on stage as Critiqa Mann, is proof that drag queens can have class. By day he is a researcher and teacher at Illinois State University where he specializes in public speaking, culture, gender and sexual identities, and communication in families and relationships. By night, he is an active member of the drag community: back-up dancing, dressing, choreographing, and performing. He has simultaneously held titles as a State champion intercollegiate public speaker and the Miss Gay Illinois USofA drag title. He is also guilty of frequently dressing his dog in cisgender and other gender drag. She hates it, but the pictures are just so funny. Sorry Daisy!

Born in the north of England in 1984, Redfern Jon Barrett is a polyamorous pagan giant with a Ph.D. in queer literature. His novel The Giddy Death is being published by Lethe Press, scheduled for release in 2015. His shorter fiction has featured in the magazines A Cappella Zoo, The Future Fire, Sleek and Corvus; the anthologies Bestiary and Heiresses of Russ; as well as the book Shaped by Time (Danish National Museum, 2012). His non-fiction has featured in German newspapers Bild and BZ, as well as Scifi Methods (2012-13), Gender Forum, Polytical, Überlin, and Witches/Sorcières (Revolver, 2012).

Jack Bates is an award winning screenplay writer with a couple of eBooks to his credits and a few kids books as well. He appears in a good number of anthologies including Discount Noir, Moon Shoot, The Killer Wore Cranberry, and Shadows of the Emerald City. You can read all about him at

James Bennett writes fantasy, horror and lately, crime. The McCaw stories stem from an abiding love of Raymond Chandler, mixed with a diverse and weird sensibility. ‘King Bitch’ is a follow up (of sorts) to ‘The Teeth Behind the Beard’, which a reader can find in last year’s Carnival Noir anthology. Discover further stories from James Bennett on his blog: And feel free to join him on Twitter: @I_James_Bennett

Carol Borden is the kind of dame you’ve heard about, but never met. A hellcat born to be bad. Trouble all the way through. She’ll hold your heart in her hand and laugh as she stubs her cigarette out in it. And you’ll love the burn. Find out the whole thrilling story at:

Paul D. Brazill is the author of A Case Of Noir and Guns Of Brixton. He was born in England and lives in Poland. He is an International Thriller Writers Inc member whose writing has been translated into Italian, German and Slovene. He has had writing published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime 8,10 and 11, alongside the likes of Ian Rankin, Neil Gaiman and Lee Child. He has edited a few anthologies, including the best-selling True Brit Grit – with Luca Veste. His blog is:

Michael S. Chong is a writer living in Toronto. His stories have been published in Pink Factory, Kung Fu Factory, Masked Mosaic, and K.A. Laity’s previous collections, Weird Noir and Noir Carnival. His story “Unredeemable” is in the upcoming Exile Book of New Canadian Noir.

Walter Conley lives in central Virginia, USA, where the air rings with buckshot and freight train whistles. His fiction has appeared most recently in the Blackwitch anthology Exiles. He is at work on a novel based upon characters from his Wellesport, CT short stories. When he isn’t writing fiction, Walter sometimes blogs and records music under the name Katharine Hepcat (

Tracy Fahey writes Gothic fiction that is concerned with uncanny domestic space, folklore, traces and hauntings. She has published short stories in various anthologies including ‘The Changeling’ in Drag Noir (Fox Spirit Press), ‘Looking for Wildgoose Lodge’ in Impossible Spaces (2013, Hic Dragones Press), ‘Coming Back’ in The Girl At The End Of The World (2014, Fox Spirit Press) and ‘Ghost Estate Phase II’ in Hauntings (2014, Hic Dragones Press). She has several short stories forthcoming in other anthologies including ‘Walking the Borderlines’ in Darkest Minds (Dark Minds Press), ‘The Cillini’ in Piercing the Vale (Fox Spirit Press) and ‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’ in ‘In An Unknown Country’ (Fox Spirit Press). Her author web-site is at In her spare time she runs a department of fine art, a centre for postgraduate studies and the fine art collective, Gothicise.

Richard Godwin is the author of critically acclaimed novels Apostle Rising, Mr. Glamour, One Lost Summer, Noir City, Meaningful Conversations and Confessions Of A Hit Man. He is also a published poet and a produced playwright. His stories have been published in over 34 anthologies, among them The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime and The Mammoth Book Of Best British Mystery, as well as his anthology of stories, Piquant: Tales Of The Mustard Man, published by Pulp Metal Fiction in February 2012. You can find out more about him at his website , where you can also read his Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse, his highly popular and unusual interviews with other authors.

Dana Gravesen (introduction), also known as Twinker Belle, is proof that drag queens are trashy. By day, he is a doctoral candidate at the University of Iowa who is grateful to stumble out of her trailer court by noon and focus on media and film studies, transnational identity, and queer studies. By night, he is an active member of the gay community: gay bars, rest stops, and the Parliament House. He has simultaneously performed in amateur drag competitions while publishing in numerous academic outlets. He is also just guilty.

K. A. Laity (editor/foreword) slips between identities, genres and genders with gay abandon, writing as C. Margery Kempe (, Kit Marlowe (, and Graham Wynd as well as under her own name with mad novels like White Rabbit and Owl Stretching. She edited Weird Noir (2012) and Noir Carnival (2013) for Fox Spirit Books. ‘The Prof’—as she’s known among the skulk—wanders the world not so much like Caine in Kung Fu but rather more like Michael Caine in Pulp (though with his wig from Dressed to Kill).

Selene MacLeod works nights, daydreams too much, writes too little, and frequently looks around and thinks “This isn’t what I signed up for.” She holds a BA in Communications from Wilfrid Laurier University, and her work has appeared in WLU’s poetry journal and a number of horror and transgressive fiction anthologies. While she figures out how to update her blog, she’ll be your friend on Facebook.

Liverpool lass Tess Makovesky is now settled in the far north of England where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep. Although officially a history graduate, she’s long been a student of the darker side of human nature. Many of her stories feature revenge, but she’s never been tempted to get her own back on anyone herself. Except, of course, by writing them into her stories… which you can find at the likes of Shotgun Honey, Pulp Metal Magazine, Out of the Gutter Online and most recently in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology from Blackwitch Press. You can follow her ramblings, both literary and actual, at her blog (

Amelia Mangan is a writer originally from London, currently living in Sydney, Australia. Her writing is featured in many anthologies, including Attic Toys (ed. Jeremy C. Shipp); Blood Type (ed. Robert S. Wilson); Worms, After The Fall, X7 and No Monsters Allowed (ed. Alex Davis); Phobophobias and The Bestiarum Vocabulum (ed. Dean M. Drinkel); and Carnival of the Damned (ed. Henry Snider). Her short story, “Blue Highway,” won Yen Magazine’s first annual short story competition and was featured in its 65th issue. She can be found on Twitter (@AmeliaMangan) and Facebook (

Ben Solomon grew up with Picasso, Cagney and Beethoven. He studied classical ballet and theater, lived on a diet of comic books, and watched enough classic cinema to lend his skin the patina of silver nitrate. He’s worked across many disciplines, attempting to capture the heart and soul of music on canvas, translate oils and celluloid into words. Solomon’s soft spot for the tough guy world of early gangster and PI flicks led to the creation of his throwback, short story series “The Hard-Boiled Detective” in February 2013. He published the first collection from that series in 2014. More info’s available here:

Becky Thacker was born in Hancock, Michigan in 1948 and hasn’t been back there since. She’s been writing stories, letters and essays since the third grade. More recent publications include Amazon Girls Handbook, a humorous advice book for older lesbians, loosely based on scouting organizations, and Faithful Unto Death, a historical novel about the unsolved arsenic murder of her great-grandmother. The author is also descended from the grandchildren of Rebecca Nurse and Cotton Mather, Salem Witch trials victim and hanging judge respectively. Becky Thacker now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her wife Harriet.

It is entirely anecdotal that Chloë Yates was the inspiration behind the infamous and redoubtable adventurer and lover, Giacomo Casanova, though one can understand why this story has endured. Neither is it true that she was Da Vinci’s original choice of model for the Mona Lisa, but refused to shave her beard for the sittings. It is but rumour she once masqueraded as the Spanish Infanta in a Channel Four “reimagining” of Dashiell Hammett’s lost work ‘They Can Only Hang you in Spandex”, and had the credit for her discovery of the fossil Fabulosa Sequinus stolen by The Duchess of Duke Street in 1785. It is true, however, that she writes odd stories. Having peppered her way across the Fox Spirit landscape with dark tales in all three of Kate Laity’s Noir series to date, work appearing (and to be appearing) in all but one of the Fox Pockets, becoming a Girl at the End of the World (Vol. 1), and adding her advice on ‘How to be the Perfect Housewife’ to the deliciously iniquitous anthology Wicked Women (2014), she is currently working on her first novel and a collection of short stories for the upcoming Feral Tales trilogy. She lives in the middle of Switzerland with her bearded paramour, Mr Y, and their disapproving dog, Miss Maudie. She’s available for most things of a writerly persuasion, although she does insist you bring your own gloves. Find her website at