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The idea of Fox Pockets is to offer snippets from a range of the talented new authors coming through the genre ranks. the books themselves do not contain the Bio’s but you can find them here collected like their stories. 

Sarah Anne Langton
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Loves words and pixels. Draws books. Writes books. Scribbles a lot about comics for Forbidden Planet. Qualified Astronaut. Part time archaeologist. Full time geek. Mainly lives in the Marvel Universe and will work for shoes.



A quick who’s in what books guide:

Authors - Fox Pockets all

Alasdair Stuart is the host of award-winning podcast Pseudopod (www.pseudopod.org) and works as a freelance writer and journalist, specializing in genre fiction in all its forms. Yes, including that one. An enthusiastic amateur baker and martial artist, he’s worked for The Guardian, magazines
such as Neo, Sci Fi Now and Death Ray and blogs for sfx. co.uk, as well as his own site, www.alasdairstuart.com. His collection of every 2012 Pseudopod essay, The Pseudopod Tapes Volume 1, is also available from Fox Spirit Books.

Alec McQuay  writes from behind a monitor in the depths of West Cornwall, where men are men, women are women and analogies don’t always pan out. When not writing he runs, lifts weights, attends Thai Boxing classes and hopes you’re very impressed with his bio.  @vampiricchicken http://alecmcquay.wordpress.com/

Asher Wismer Maine resident Asher Wismer is a second-generation writer; his father Don Wismer published four science-fiction books in the 1980s. Asher’s fiction has appeared on 365tomorrows.com, and thewifiles.com, and his short stories have appeared in anthologies from Wild Wolf Publishing, Matt Hilton, Fox Spirit Press, and The MayDay Collective, as well as a serial novel on jukepopserials.com. Follow his unhinged ravings on Twitter @belarafon.

Catherine Hill  is from Worcestershire in England and spent much of her childhood with her head buried in a book. An interest in history and mythology led her to an Ancient History degree. A love of the fantastical and impossible led her to most of her favourite people. She now lives in Birmingham with her husband. http://www.catherinetjhill.blogspot.com   @ctjhill

Chloë Yates writes odd stories. English born, she currently lives in the middle of Switzerland and when she’s not reading or writing, she can be found swearing at the rugby. Her story “Leave the Pistol Behind” was one of the winners of Fox Spirit Books’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2012, and her noirish chops have slathered into Fox Spirit’s Weird Noir (2012) and the eagerly anticipated follow up, Noir Carnival (2013) You can read her ranting at www.chloe-yates.blogpost.com and she wanders through twitter under the sobriquet @shloobee.

Chris Galvin is a writer, editor and photographer with one foot in Canada and the other in Viet Nam. Her words and photos have appeared in various literary journals, anthologies and travel magazines, including PRISM, Descant, Asian Cha and others. She is currently working on an essay collection. When not writing, Chris is usually in the garden, the kitchen, or the middle of a good book. Sometimes, all three practically at once. Find her on Twitter: @ChrisGNguyen and on her website: http://chrisgalvinwriter.wordpress.com/

Christian D’Amico is a science fiction, horror and genre fiction writer based in Surrey, though similarities between the county and any dystopian futures are entirely coincidental. When he isn’t writing he spends his time involved with street dance, performance cars, reading, gaming and in the gym, both as a fitness enthusiast in his own right and as a personal trainer. chrisdamico.co.uk

Colin Sinclair has spent what seems like forever writing things and stuff. Some of it has even seen the light of day. Most recently Colin provided settings, background material and short fiction for an alternate-worlds tabletop roleplaying game called Broken Rooms. His favourite word is indolent. He wonders if his bio should have jokes.

Den Patrick was born in Dorset in 1975 and shares a birthday with Bram Stoker. He has at various times been a comics editor, burlesque reviewer, bookseller and Games Workshop staffer. Anything to avoid getting a real job in fact. He lives and works in London. His first three books for Gollancz, the War Manuals, are released autumn of 2013. Three novels, The Erebus Sequence, are in the works.’ http://www.denpatrick.com/
Amazon page.

E.Saxey is a queer Londoner, working in universities and hanging around museums. Their short fiction has appeared in Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction, and Mammoth’s Tales from the Vatican Vaults anthology. They are always happy to know more about science, feminism, the 19th century and the supernatural, and blog at lightningbook.wordpress.com

EJ Davies hails from Ottawa, Canada. Cinephile, Wittertainee, writer, reader, and reviewer.  When not devoted to one of these five things, you’ll find his alter ego teaching high school students about Science.  Find him on Twitter (@EJ_Davies), Facebook, or his blog ejdavies.wordpress.com

Emma Teichmann is a lawyer by day, a writer by night (or, more often, at the crack of dawn), and a Star Trek fan forever. Alongside a steady drip of short stories, she’s currently working on a novel for adults and a children’s picture book series. Her story, ‘Carne Levare’ is soon to be published in K. T. Laity’s Noir Carnival anthology. In her spare time (when not commuting or writing) Emma likes to splash about in the sea, play flute, and sword fight.

Fiona Glass When she isn’t being a pane in the glass, Fiona writes darkly humorous fiction, almost always with a twist in the tail. Her twin loves are gritty crime and ghost stories and many of her stories have been published in anthologies, magazines or online.  She lives in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in glass houses…) of England’s largest lake.  You can find out more about both her and her work at her website. http://www.fiona-glass.com

Fran Terminiello lives in Surrey with her family and a growing collection of swords. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut novel, a dark and bloody fantasy noir co-written with David Murray. She spends her spare time practicing and researching Historical European Martial Arts, in particular 16th Century Bolognese swordsmanship, 17th Century Italian rapier, and Bartitsu of the Victorian era.

Geraldine Clark Hellery grew up surrounded by books. Saturday mornings would be spent at the book shop, while Saturday afternoons would be spent in a faraway land. Raised on a diet of Nancy Drew, Red Dwarf and pancakes, her passion for creative writing sprouted. Travelling the world fed her imagination, filling it with ideas and stories of dragons, water gods, epic battles and so much more. Every November since 2008 is devoted to National Novel Writing Month and so far Geraldine has written seven novels covering Science Fiction and Fantasy, aimed at children, young adults and adults. Now the next adventure is entering the publishing world, with her contribution to ‘The Nun and Dragon’ being her first published work. Geraldine is helping prepare women for the end of the world with a number of articles published on ‘The Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse’ including a very important article about shoes as well as how to survive if you’re turned into an animal. Geraldine currently lives in the UK with an orchid who has triffid aspirations, a magic teapot, a travelling dog called Mrf and a very patient husband.

Graham Wynd can be found in Dundee but would prefer you didn’t come looking. An English professor by day, Wynd grinds out darkly noir prose between trips to the local pub, including SATAN’S SORORITY from Number Thirteen Press and EXTRICATE from Fox Spirit Books. Find Wynd on the Facebook and the Twitter.

Jack Hanson lives in Arizona, and enjoys firearms and boxing in his free time.  He likes to write about dinosaurs with machine guns in space, a jihad between sharks and dolphins, and undead soldiers.  His website is www.iwritejack.com .

James Bennett is a British Fantasy writer. He’s had several short stories published internationally, the most recent ones in the Fox Spirit anthologies: European Monsters, African Monsters, the upcoming Mouse & the Minotaur and Winter Tales. James Bennett isn’t an evil genius himself, but he knows several. Well, they’re clones really. Clones on a secret moon base, but he doesn’t talk about that. James Bennett’s debut Fantasy novel ‘Chasing Embers’ comes out from Orbit Books in September.

Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @wytcheboy

James Everington mainly writes dark, supernatural fiction, although he occasionally takes a break and writes dark, non-supernatural fiction. His second collection of such tales, Falling Over, is out now from Infinity Plus.

2016 saw the release of a ghostly novella Trying To Be So Quiet from Boo Books and The Quarantined City, an episodic novel mixing Borgesian strangeness with supernatural horror, from Infinity Plus.

James has had work published in The Outsiders (Crystal Lake), Supernatural TalesMorpheus Tales and Little Visible Delight (Omnium Gatherum), amongst others. He has also co-edited the anthology The Hyde Hotel (Black Shuck Books).

Oh and he drinks Guinness, if anyone’s asking. You can find out what James is currently up to at his Scattershot Writing site.

James Fadeley is a 30 something author living in Virginia. An author to almost a dozen short stories, his first novel The Gift of Hadrborg will be released later this year.

Jenny Barber  is an editor for Alchemy Press, writer of weird things, history geek and short story fanatic.  When not doing any of that, she can also be found wrangling spreadsheets and walking around rented houses talking to herself. Web: www.jennybarber.co.uk   Twitter:  @jenqoe
Goodreads and Amazon

Jonathan Ward is a science-fiction, horror and fantasy writer hailing from the sprawling urban metropolis of Bedford. He has wanted to be an author since the age of eight, though it’s questionable whether his writing talents have improved since then. When not writing he can be found reading a good book, out exploring new places, or in the pub being sarcastic to his closest friends. Jonathan’s Author Central page containing links to all of his published work:

K. A. Laity’s works include White Rabbit, Chastity Flame, The Claddagh Icon, Unquiet Dreams, Owl Stretching and many many more stories, essays and scripts. She edits the Noir Series for Fox Spirit. All-purpose writer, Fulbrighter, uberskiver, medievalist, flâneuse, techno-shamanka, social media wrangler for Broad Universe and Mavens of Mayhem, History Witch, and Pirate Pub Captain, she divides her time between Dundee & New York ·http://www.kalaity.com

K.C.Shaw’s fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Visit her website at http://kcshaw.net and follow her on twitter @kc_shaw.

Kim Bannerman lives in the rainforest on Vancouver Island, Canada, and her neighbours are bears, wolves, cougars and sasquatches. Her novels include The Tattooed Wolf (2014), a contemporary fairy tale; Bucket of Blood (2011), a Victorian murder mystery set in the Canadian wilderness; and its sequel, The Mark of the Magpie (2014). Together with her husband Shawn Pigott, they run Fox&Bee Studio, where they’ve produced over 100 short films. Visit her at www.kbannerman.com.

Kit Marlowe is the author of The Mangrove Legacy and Knight of the White Hart from Tirgearr Publishing (tirgearrpublishing.com) as well as other amusing tales like Airships & Alchemy, all of which can be found at her website www.kit-marlowe.com. When she is not writing Kit can generally be found frequenting milliners’ shops, collecting seashells by the seashore or reading as all genteel people are wont to do. Some underling runs a Facebook page for her.

Margrét Helgadóttir is an Icelandic-Norwegian writer who was born in Africa, but now lives in Oslo, Norway. She started to submit fiction in English for publication the autumn 2012. Her first story was “Nora”, one of the winners of Fox Spirit Books’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day story competition the autumn of 2012 and published in ‘Piracy’. http://margrethelgadottir.wordpress.com  @MaHelgad

Michael S Pack was born in the Deep Southern US, but he fled to Canada after an encounter with a particularly fierce mosquito swarm. He has a love of stories, both the true kind and the other sort. He studied history until becoming frustrated with its lack of narrative cohesion. His hobbies include reading, gaming, and herding cats. Michael writes science fiction, fantasy, and other weird stories. He is currently working on an epic fantasy novel. He sometimes muses on twitter @Michael_Pack and on Facebook ashttps://www.facebook.com/M.Pack.Author

N.O.A. Rawle is a Brit teacher based in Thessaly, Greece and holds a degree in creative writing from MMU. Works of her speculative fiction and dark poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, won or been nominated for competitions including the AEON Award (2012). To explore the world inside her head check out www.noarawle.blogspot.gr, tweet her on Twitter and like her on Facebook.


Rahne Sinclair lived in Scotland for many years. While there, due to her love of wolves, she became a supporter of the campaign for the reintroduction of the apex predator in the highlands. She has a love of ancient pantheons, particularly Norse, and their rich mythology often serves as inspiration for her writing.

Rob Haines is a writer, programmer and ex-turtle biologist who lives amongst the rafters of a Welsh chapel. He’s a contributing writer at Unwinnable.com, and his short fiction can be found scattered about the internet, including the Drabblecast. He also podcasts short fiction at Postcards From Lepari, building an alternate-history world one audio snapshot at a time.   www.generationminusone.com @rob_haines”

Ruth EJ Booth A quiet writer from the North-East of England, noone ever suspected Ruth “Dangerosa” Booth was a woman of more… esoteric tendencies. Perhaps they should have noticed when her first Fox Pocket story, ‘The Real Deal’, appeared in Piracy back in 2012. Perhaps they should have guessed when she picked up the BSFA for Best Short Fiction for ‘The Honey Trap’ (Noir, from NewCon Press). Perhaps they should have realised when she started talking about herself in the third person. No matter. In 2016, with her first published poetry appearing in the likes of The Speculative Book (The Speculative Bookshop) and Fox Spirit’s own Winter Tales — as well as her column ‘Noise and Sparks’ for Shoreline of Infinity — her reach only seems to be extending. She bides her time, waiting for the perfect moment, at www.ruthbooth.com…

S.J. Caunt currently lives in Leicester for his sins (which are many!) and has several short stories floating around out there in book ether. He’s currently working on the finishing touches to his first YA project, unless the end of the world gets in the way and hiccups his endeavours!

Steven Poore is an Epic Fantasist and SF Socialist. He lives in Sheffield with a crafty partner and a three-legged cat, and cannot move for towers of books. Heir To The North is published by Grimbold Books; the sequel, High King’s Vengeance, is currently being edited for a scheduled release in late 2016. Steven hosts the semi-regular SFSF Social events in Sheffield, supported by the BSFA and BFS. Follow him on Twitter: @stevenjpoore & @SFSFSocial

T F Grant is a pen-name of Stephen Godden  Stephen Godden writes speculative fiction. He reads pretty much anything. He uses the second to fuel the first. (And writes this stuff in the third, because somebody told him that he should and he didn’t like to argue.) Other than that, Steve’s just a bloke of independent penury and incidental personality. He uses the name Stephen Godden for the Fantastical end of the spectrum and the name TF Grant for the Science Fictional end of the spectrum. (Stephen sadly passed away on 7th November 2014. His work for Fox Spirit is available free on the site and will remain so as our small tribute to a talented writer.)

Tracy Fahey writes short fiction concerned mainly with uncanny domestic space and folk Gothic.  Since taking up fiction writing in 2013, she has had short stories accepted for publication in anthologies by US and UK presses including Fox Spirit Press, Hic Dragones Press, Dark Minds Press, A Murder of Storytellers and Hydra Publications. Her debut collection, The Unheimlich Manoeuvre, will be released with a UK press in 2016. As all good Gothic writers do, she has a doppelganger, Dr. Tracy Fahey, who runs a fine art department, a research centre and an art collective, Gothicise. More details and some taster fiction available on her author website www.designingtracy.wix.com/tracyfahey.

Victoria Hooper is a writer and editor living in Nottingham with her husband and imaginary panther. You can find her stories in Fox Pockets anthologies Missing Monarchs and The Evil Genius Guide, as well as the Sword and Laser anthology and Women Writing the Weird 2. She’s also a staff writer and reviewer for Fantasy Faction. She loves video games and cheesy movies, and can be bribed with chocolate brownies. Find her on her blog: http://vickyhooper.blogspot.co.uk or on Twitter @VickyThinks