Jo Thomas


Jo Thomas writes speculative fiction, tending towards dark fantasy. She has taken the advice “write what you know” to heart and, as a result, werewolves now turn up in the strangest places. (None were harmed in the writing of “25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf” but friendly vets were pumped for advice.)To find out more about Jo, her pack of Hellhounds and her interest in swords along with the odd piece of fiction that _doesn’t_ contain werewolves, have a look at

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The quick Q&A

Tell us one thing you loved or found fascinating about a place you have lived.

The way nature never stops and the landscape is always changing – yet stays the same.

What did you want to be when you grew up (other than a writer if that was an option)?

Alive. Happy – although the method of getting there has a habit of changing on a regular basis.

Which super hero would you most like to be and why?

I’d like Colossus’ powers without being as much of a [redacted]. Or Wolverine without the trauma that got him there. And female.

It’s finally happened! The zompoc is here! Name four things in your ‘go bag’ and your primary weapon.

Hellhounds – probably count as the primary weapon because they won’t go in a bag.

My weapons bag can be the ‘go bag’, into which I would put: My plastic wasters. After some consideration, I’ve decided that the best approach with zombies is probably extreme blunt trauma. My other weapons are either going to be too heavy for long-term use or rely on stabbing, which might not go so well with the undead thing. They can be replaced with appropriate sticks or broom handles as necessary.

My la crosse gloves. I don’t actually want to touch them when I’m fighting and these gloves are padded, which is why I use them for fencing.

A can opener. I will rely on scavenging for food and I’m going to need one of these.

My tablet and a charger (does that count as one thing?). Because I can’t live without something to read, something to write with, and some way of attempting to use the Internet. If it counts as two, I’ll jettison the gloves.

What is your go to comfort book or writer when you can’t settle into anything new?

Elizabeth Moon’s Deed of Paksenarrion

What is the single most important thing to your writing process?

Having ideas. Without an idea or a story to tell, there’s nothing to write.

If you could collaborate with any author who would it be and what would you write together?

Dylan Fox, so we could write Doctor Who spin-offs or inspired ideas. Foxie is very good at keeping track of shared world and expanded universe details!

Or Elizabeth Moon, simply because I admire her work, and hopefully something with dragons.