The ‘Eve’ series puts women right up front. In ‘Tales of Eve’ the authors explore women seeking the perfect partner, ‘Eve of War’ it’s the battlefield both personal and literal filtered through multiple genres and a mix of new and well known writers.

Tales of Eve
Edited by Mahiri Simpson
Cover Art by Daniele Serra
Shortlisted Best Anthology by BFS in 2014

Weird Science, Stepford Wives, that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer… Genre fiction abounds with tales of men creating (or attempting to create) the perfect woman.

Now it’s the woman’s turn. But being female, she’s flexible. She doesn’t just want to create the perfect man. She wants the perfect companion, be it man, beast or washing machine.

Newton’s Method by Paul Weimer
Ellie Danger, Girl Daredevil by Alasdair Stuart
Father’s Day by Francesca Terminiello
The CompaniSIM, The Treasure, The Thief and Her Sister by C.J. Paget
Kate and the Buchanan by Andrew Reid
Game, Set and Match? by Juliet McKenna
In Memoriam by Rob Haines
Unravel by Ren Warom
Mother Knows Best by Suzanne McLeod
Fragile Creations by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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eve of war sample 2

Eve of War
Edited by Mahiri Simpson & Darren Pulsford
Cover Art by Vincent Holland-Keen

Sharp of mind and instinct; with poise and grace and power – Eve's Daughters are a match for any opponent. Whether seeking out a worthy test or assailed by brave (but foolish) foes, she is determined and cunning, and will not fail.

Here are fifteen tales from across the ages; full of prowess both martial and magical, from an array of unique voices.

Miranda’s Tempest by S.J. Higbee
The Devil’s Spoke by K.T. Davies
Himura the God Killer by Andrew Reid
The Bind that Tie by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Et Mortuum Esse Audivit by Alasdair Stuart
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick by Juliet McKenna
A Veil of Blades by R.J. Davnall
In Amber by Rob Haines
Skating Away by Francis Knight
Ballad of Sighne by Rahne Sinclair
The Crossing by Paul Weimer
Lucille by Alec McQuay
Born by G Clark Hellery
Repo by Ren Warom
One Sssingular Sssenssation by Chloe Yates

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Opening paragraphs of Tales of Eve
Newton’s Method by Paul Weimer
‘At last,’ she whispered, as she looked over her handiwork. The house gave silent answer, as it had for far too long. Truth be told, she had finished an hour ago, but then she had taken a long shower to wash away the grease, sweat, and tension she’d felt at completing her invention. She was eager to test it out, of course, but she forced herself to relax, to wind down, and to think about what she had built. Years of practical mechanical engineering learned at her mother’s knee, combined with the theoretical physics of her father’s work, had come to fruition.
Is it selfish of me? Noys thought, to use this for such a personal purpose? She shook her head, denying the thought. She wasn’t changing the world with her device, just the world she was in. Noys regarded the front display. She could have used digital readouts and touch screen inputs, making it look more 21st century than 20th century retropunk. Steve Jobs instead of IBM. But the red segmented numbers on the display, reminiscent of an ancient calculator, and the white dials to set parameters, gave it charm and a very tactile note. Mother would approve, Noys thought. She felt a pang in her chest at the memory of the drunken driver who took both of her parents on that icy January night.


Weirdmage : The quality of the storytelling is very high here, above what can be expected from any anthology. It really is consistently very good throughout. Every author in here has delivered something that they can be proud of, and something which I have really enjoyed.

Tony Lane : Unravel by Ren Warom is a downward spiral that really does provoke an emotional response in the reader. I’d buy this book just for this story. It has a level of anguish and level of pain that is not very common.

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