Girls & … by Anne Michaud

Girls & .. series by Anne Michaud
Cover by Daniele Serra
‘Anne Michaud’s writing is haunting, powerful and often beautiful’ – Amanda Rutter
Girls and Aliens
Girls, 5 Aliens. Five Tales of courage and outer space. In this collection by Anne Michaud the lesson is clear, never underestimate the power and resolve of ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. 
Fix Six
Stardust Motel
Battlefield Lost
Snakes and Ladders
Mercy’s Morgue
Girls & Ghosts
Five Girls, Five Ghosts. Five Tales of hauntings and secrets. In this collection Anne Michaud brings us empathy and horror. Never underestimate the anger of the dead or the resilience of the living.
Cursing at the Stars
Strings Binding My Doll
Melancholy of Souls
Giving up the Ghost
Soul Ashes
Girls & Monsters
Five Girls, Five Monsters. Five Tales of creatures strange and savage.This collection shows the horrors lurking below the surface are sometimes not the biggest monsters, and that strange beasts aren’t always the danger they first appear. 
This is a revised second edition.
Death Song
Black Dog
A Blue Story
Dust Bunnies
We Left at Night