Spares by Alec McQuay
Cover Art by Sarah Anne Langton

Alec McQuay’s post apocalyptic novella ‘Spares’  offers an unsettling perspective on what happens if you live forever.

No-one dies anymore. Ever.

In the wake of the virus wars you are either undamaged and whole or a walking corpse, animated by no-one knows what and cobbled together out of odds and ends by doctors who don’t really bare thinking about. In this world a surgical scar too many is the difference between a sheltered life of privilege with the Untouched and banishment to the dark, dangerous streets, where it’s every lurcher for themselves and gang culture is rife.

When one of their number is injured in a terrorist bombing, one such gang finds themselves with a large medical bill and a rapidly dwindling list of options, ultimately leading them on a collision course with the Untouched that could change humanity’s course forever.

Parts break, wear out, fall off or get stolen as humanity turns on itself for the one thing it needs in order to keep going:


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Book to Review : This author has an amazing sense of humor, and this book is filled with witty dialogues. From the first page to the last this book is detailed, entertaining and interesting. As a lover of apocalyptic things I kind of want to be there and see this messed up future.

The Curiosity of One : Mental. I loved it! It’s a grim vision of what we could become peppered with humour that kind of makes you want to be there (in that way where you’re comfortably aware of being on your sofa with a lovely cup of tea and the bathroom within easy reach)

Sean P Chatterton : The author illustrates mans inhumanity to man, but still tries to put a human face (quite literally) on the tragedy and suffering.