The Velocity of Constant

the velocity of constant - with layout


The Velocity of  Constant by Hardeep Sangha
Cover art by Daniele Serra

I can only describe Hardeep Sangha’s ‘The Velocity of the Constant’ as P.K.Dick does beat poetry. It’s part prose, part poetry with hints of science fiction as it moves between the thoughts of the characters and shifts in time. The imagery is incredibly vivid and we at Fox Spirit are delighted to be publishing this unusual and incredible book.

‘Welcome to Shit Towne. Here denizens collide as they are propelled through a maelstrom of lives and time itself, struggling to escape the past and in constant search of an exit from the present. Whilst another within their midst, a man out of time, longs to return to the future. Lungs inhale, bodies contort and spines detach as all feel the unrelenting pull of velocity. ‘

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Tony Lane : For me it sits somewhere between beat poetry and the beat literature of writers such as Burroughs. That for me is what makes this book different and almost indefinable.