And The Fox Crows

And The Fox Crows

A collection of poetry by V.C.Linde

Cover art by S.L.Johnson

WEBFox crows FINAL

Taking inspiration from the vast wealth of myths, legends and tales about foxes, these poems are a range of humorous, dark, magical and mystical verses framed by Pan, watching over, seeing all, from the ancient past to the immediate present. The fox has inspired art and literature since humans started telling stories. From the Kumiho of Korea to Aesop’s tales. From religion to faith. From hunter to hunted, the fox takes on many forms as do the poems in And The Fox Crows. In turns lyrical and dramatic, playful and sombre, V.C. Linde explores the spirit of the fox through poetry.

Sample Poem

From the fable of ‘The Cock and the Fox’ by La Fontaine
Sharp claws scratch-scratch
at the high tree bark. Where tall
branch breezes turn her feathers
to the sky. On the opposite, ground
brushed brown fur and bright eyes
watch, wait, call out.
An olive branch. A clever lie.
But high wits win over low cunning
when far sight and a counter tale set
his four sure feet running for safety.

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From amazon : The whole thing has a lovely feel to it, bringing the adventures of the fox to life. It is a short book, coming in at just 54 pages, but for me it feels just the right length. Much more could have been ‘fox overkill’ but the author has judged it just right.

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