Billy’s Monsters

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Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen
Cover Art by Vincent Holland-Keen

Billy would be an ordinary sixteen your old boy if his best friends in life weren’t monster from under his bed.1 - hester poster (1)

Scarlett wants to be an ordinary sixteen year old girl, but her life is on hold thanks to her younger sister, Hester.2 - scarlett poster

Hester is special. She doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know she’s part of a sinisterconspiracy centred around theexclusive Elderigh College. She only knows that if she doesn’t keep quiet, the monsters will find her….

3 - billy poster


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Tony Lane : here is something about this book that makes me think of Dirk Gently but I can’t quite work out why.  This book is all about the spaces in-between. On one level it was about the gaps between worlds but on another it was about the readers imagination filling in the shape and scale of the monsters. This was an important point for me. The fear in this book came from what I carried in my head and that was directly reflected in the story. Simple yet clever.