The Jan Xu novels

Jan Xu series by Joyce Chng writing as Joyce Damask
Cover Art by S.L.Johnson

The Jan Xu series features a werewolf in Singapore, trying to balance family life, clan issues and her own past. Fox Spirit Books is delighted to be the UK publisher for these titles, working cooperatively with a small press in Singapore to get the Jan Xu novels out in their local market. As such they are not available in all territories from Fox Spirit. If you can’t get hold of them where you are please contact us. 

Wolf at the Door web

Wolf at the Door #1

Being an ex-teen vigilante comes with its own set of problems.

Housewife, ex-teen vigilante…and shape-shifting wolf…Jan Xu has enough problems without adding her sister’s to the mix. Marianne is returning to Singapore and she’s filled with strange ideas. She’s also not alone. She’s coming home with a new boyfriend who has a dark agenda of his own.

With sibling rivalry threatening the inevitable: a battle-to-the-death with fang and claw, Jan and Marianne must overcome their issues if they’re ever going to find peace within their troubled relationship.

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Obsidian Moon Obsidian Eyeweb


Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye #2

The world turns and the dragon catches its own tail.

Jan Xu, now alpha and leader of the Xu clan, faces more challenges when a past misadventure rears its head and threatens to tear her life apart. Added to this is a revelation about her role in her pack, which can make or break her, or potentially help her defeat an old foe, if she managed to hold onto her sanity.

Desperate to protect her family as her world turns obsidian, Jan is thrust in the midst of conflict between vampire, wolf, dragon and Singapore’s Myriad. What can one do when the past won’t let go?


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Heart of Fire #3

Jan Xu, wolf and pack leader, faces more dangers when she saves a foreign male wolf in love with one of her ancient enemies, a jiang shi, a Chinese vampire. Throw in a love-struck drake—and Jan finds her situation suddenly precarious, with her reputation and health at stake. How much is a wolf going to take when everything is out of control again and her world thrown into disarray? How is she going to navigate the complexities of Myriad politics while keeping her pack and family intact without losing her mind? The third book of the Jan Xu Adventures will see Jan Xu’s continual fight as pack leader, her clan’s Eye (seer) and mother of three young children. Her mettle, courage and love for her family will be tested to her utmost limit

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Joanne Hall : Damask has an elegant writing style, simple but poetic, and she weaves an intricate story that takes in various legends, immerses them in Singaporean culture, and gives them a clever urban twist, so Fae and kitsune rub shoulders with werewolves and vampires in the magical green spaces hidden in the urban sprawl.