Fearless Genre Warriors collected by Jenny Barber



You’ll find folklore and fairytales told with humour and heart, ancient gods in far-flung time, ravens and foxes, shamans and sacrifice and earthquake gods, werewolves and faeries and mad science, classic tales seen anew, fiction and reality colliding, bards and dragons and mighty heroes, oh my!

A sampler anthology drawn from the full back catalogue of anthologies and collections published by Fox Spirit from our opening gambit in 2012 to October 2018.

Cover by Vincent Holland-Keen

The Dragon’s Maw by Cheryl Morgan
Palakainen by K. A. Laity 
The Band of Straw and Silver by Andrew Reid 
From the Womb of the Land, Our Bones Entwined by AJ Fitzwater 
The Itch of Iron, the Pull of the Moon by Carol Borden
Tits Up in Wonderland by C. A. Yates 
Fragrance of You by Steven Savile 
Kumiho by V.C. Linde 
The Ballad of Gilrain by Sarah Cawkwell 
The Ballad of Gilrain lyrics by Sarah Cawkwell
Art is War by Alasdair Stuart
The Alternative La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Jan Siegal 
Thandiwe’s Tokoloshe by Nick Wood 
Unravel by Ren Warom
The Cillini by Tracy Fahey 
Katabasis by K T Davies 
Train Tracks by W. P. Johnson 
Sharkadelic by Ian Whates 
Feeding the Fish by Carol Borden 
Antichristine by James Bennett
Lucille by Alec McQuay 
Carlos by K. A. Laity 
A Very Modern Monster by Aliya Whiteley 
Winter in the Vivarium by Tim Major 
Always a Dancer by Steve Lockley 
The End of the World by Margrét Helgadóttir 
The Holy Hour by C. A. Yates 
In the Mouth of the Beast by Li Huijia 
Kokuri’s Palace  by Yukimi Ogawa 
A Change of Heart A Babylon Steel story by Gaie Sebold 
Indiana Jones and the Pyramid of Envy by Alasdair Stuart