Love is all around us… And it’s here!

Yesterday in the UK the pubs reopened. Today something even better happened., and way more culturally significant.

The Fox Spirit Book of Love has launched. 

You can find it on Amazon  for kindle or in paperback or our own ebook store.

Cover by C.A. Yates, Paul Yates and Vincent Holland-Keen
Typesetting by HandEBooks

It’s edited by the irrepressible C.A. Yates who has been a long term fixture at Fox Spirit with incredible short stories, displaying fantastic range and also excellent humour.  Here the marvellous Yates brings the same spicy variety to that most mysterious human emotion. Love.

Without further ado…

‘These are probably not the love stories you are looking for…..

…. but they should be.’

Love. That many-splendoured thing. It can move mountains and make fools of us all, but what is it? Does it come courtesy of a cherub’s bow?  Is it a battlefield? Endless? Crazy? Only available on a Friday? Well, the answer might be between these covers. Inside you’ll find stories from fantastical worlds to fairy tales, from dark places to virtual reality, tales of transformation, hope, and despair. Above all else, each one is, at heart, about love. 


Decomposing Corpses: A Love Story by Douglas J. Ogurek
The Holy Waters  by Dolly Garland
Jixxa, My Love  by Alec McQuay
End Times in Paris by James Bennett
Love in The Age Of… by David Tallerman
The First Day of Khirshi-Da by Joyce Chng
By Blade And Bloom by Xan van Rooyen
The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling by Michelle Ann King
A Curse That’s Not For Breaking by Lawrence Harding
A True Wish by Charlotte Bond
Notes on a Haunting by Kit West
Subatomic for ‘It Must be Love’ by Emma K. Leadley
The Twelfth Day by Ro Smith
The Wind’s Son by K.C. Shaw
Salt Ocean by Lisa Shea
Enchanted Garden by K.A. Laity
Rapture on the Lonely Shore by Jenny Barber
The Whale and the Moon by G. Clark Hellery