Running Order for Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur

This one has been in the offing for so long and has encountered so many hiccups, there were starting to be rumours about a curse. However we are finally getting close and I am pleased to finally announce that we have a provisional running order and that the book will have internal art by Kieran Walsh.

My apologies to everyone involved in this book for the delay once again, but we made it!


The Mouse and the Minotaur by Chloe Yates
Katabasis by K.T. Davies
Provoking Cerberus by James Bennett
Nada’s Promise by Nerine Dorman
Of Comedies and Tragedies by Jay Faulkner
Gilrain & The Minotaur by Sarah Cawkwell
Proof of Concept by Pat Kelleher
Such a Little Things by C C D Leijenaar
Medusa Rising by Joan De La Haye
Virtutis Gloria Merces by Andrew Reid
The Wisdom of King Weejun by Benjamin Stewart
The Labour of Stropheus by Catherine Hill
Mischief by Jan Siegel
The Bird-Woman of the Mediterranean by T.J. Everley

Fox Pockets, humble pie and a few other bits

Well, while the other editors have been editing away furiously and turning in nicely presented manuscripts for publication, I have had my head buried firmly in the day to day running of things and so I owe everyone in the remaining Fox Pockets and the final Bushy Tales Volume an apology for the delays.

I also owe everyone, our loyal readership included a bit of an update, probably overdue.

The remaining pockets are now with the copy editor so things are moving forward.
The order of the remaining pockets is

Things in the Dark
An Unknown country
Piercing the Vale (not a typo I promise)
The Evil Genius Guide – Edited by Darren Pulsford


We will be moving to get these out as quickly as possible now. There will soon be Pockets everywhere!

Mouse and Minotaur which is definitely not cursed has now been edited and I hope to be able to give a release date for this very soon.

For anyone wondering about Eve of War, we have been in touch with the writers, there will be a change of Editor however the anthology will be going ahead.

Again, my apologies to everyone and my immense thanks for your patience so far, the team have been great and the delays are on me.
Please bear with us just a little longer and we will get all these incredible stories out at long last.

Thank you

Aunty Fox

Great Expectations

A quick update as we fall inexorably towards November.

It is our plan to get three titles out this November. The first ever Vulpes publication, a translation of Giganti’s 1608 manual on fencing is due on the 15th. In addition both the second volume of Bushy Tales ‘Tales of the Fox and Fae’ and the second Fox Pocket ‘Shapeshifters’ are due out next month.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks at Fox HQ and all being well by the end of November we will be feeling a bit like this.



Tales of the Fox & Fae cover reveal

It is a thing of beauty is it not? The cover is designed to fit with the style of Nun & Dragon and is by Vincent Holland-Keen.

fox-and-fae front-cover-1


The book will contain stories by Chloe Yates, Andrew Reid, James Bennett, Cat Connor, Geraldine Clark Hellery, Peter Ray Allison, a comic strip by Jasper Bark, Margrét Helgadóttir, Alec McQuay, Haralambi Markov, T.F. Grant



Welcome to Fox Spirit

We are presently putting together our first anthology ‘Tales of the Nun and Dragon’.

‘The Nun & Dragon is an old pub, although not England’s oldest. Still, even before a pub stood there the site seemed to draw travellers who had a tale to tell. It sits in a small English village with one of those odd names like ‘Barton on the Beans’ or ‘Sheepy Magna’, though it isn’t either of those.

It’s not a place you find by looking, it’s a place you stumble across when your armour is scorched and bent or your hair bleached white by an encounter with an unholy order. There is a reason it’s known as ‘The Nun & Dragon’ after all.

It’s a place that draws stories, the kind no one would believe if you told them somewhere else, but here, where the homebrew tastes slightly of honey and cinnamon and the fire is always blazing, people will take you at your word.

If you collected all the stories ever told at The Nun and Dragon you would see all of history and culture from our world and possibly, if the tellers are to be trusted, beyond it, gathered there. ‘

Tales told include almost traditional slayings, things that won’t stay dead, fables, a PI taking a case from a nun with an unusual problem, and nunsploitation. This is a collection of unusual stories, spanning multiple genres and exploring the theme from every angle.

We have cover art by Vincent Holland-Keen and internal illustrations by Kieran Walsh. The list of authors will be announced after submissions close on 1st July.