Launch Day : Murder for Hire the Peruvian Pigeon

This time of year is always a little busy with releases for Fox Spirit, and this year is no exception.

Murder for Hire was a book I read years before Fox Spirit was a thing, when I was still reviewing. I don’t recall whether I read MFH because I knew Dana, or whether I knew Dana because I read MFH, I don’t suppose it matters. I loved the book, I adore the writer and I followed her across to erotica when she wrote that, and again back to more familiar territory with her awesome Ashley Parker zombie novels, a must for Buffy fans.


About Murder for Hire:

‘Connie Garrett knows that a trenchcoat and a fedora don’t make a detective. She’s the co-founder of Murder for Hire, an acting troupe that specializes in spoofing, not sleuthing. When MFH performs at a sleepy coastal community’s mystery gala, celebrating the works of a famous hard-boiled mystery writer, the bodies start stacking up, and Connie finds herself on the case whether she likes it or not. Now Connie is committed to solving the murders while trying to keep both the show-and her love life-afloat.’

Big News Day!

New Aquisitions:

Not that the Fox Spirit Skulk are aquisitions exactly, but we have just confirmed two projects that I have been hoping we could secure for a little while now.

First Ian Whates will be joining the Skulk with a collection of short stories to be released in 2016. The details are yet to be confirmed but we are delighted to have Ian on board.

Ian runs the wonderful NewCon Press of which I have long been a fan. NewCon does a fantastic job of drawing big name writers and slipping them seemlessly between the covers with new talent. If you’ve never checked them out you really should, I have quite a few of their books. Ian also did me the great honour of collaborating with Vincent Holland-Keen and I on an event/publication on the ‘Hauntings’ book back when I was reviewing.

Ian has also written innumerable short stories and several series of books including space opera series ‘The Noise’ and ‘The City of a Hundred Rows’ fantasy series.


We also have Dana Fredsti coming on board to reissue some of her back catalogue. Dana has written in a number of genres but our first re relase will be the wonderful fun Noir tribute Murder for Hire : The Peruvian Pigeon. I am delighted to be able to bring a book I really love back to market.

Dana’s current releases are the ‘Ashley Parker’ novels set in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

Like Ripley, Dana always goes back for the cat!