Five on Friday: Alternative Xmas

Put the X in Xmas! Tired of the kid friendly films? And you’ve already watched Hans Gruber fall this season? Here’s five holiday films that won’t overload the saccharine and might just give you a reason to smile.

THE THIN MAN: Thinly veiled portrait of Hammett and Hellman’s own hijinks. If you don’t love Myrna Loy and William Powell after this you have no soul!

THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER: Speaking of thinly veiled, allegedly a portrait of the cantankerous Alexander Woolcott with the fabulous Bette Davis and a great cast.

THE APARTMENT: Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, romance without schmaltz.

BRAZIL: We’re all in this together. You might want to get used to the world of this film; we’re hurtling toward it.

IN BRUGES: Maybe you like to go on holiday abroad (while you still can). Martin McDonogh and the boys want you to have a real good time. If you like darkness, guilt and violence, this is the film for you, assuming you’ve already enjoyed THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT which I said I wasn’t going to bring up this time because I always mention it.

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Blog post call

This is a call for the Fox Spirit  Skulk. Our writers, editors, reviewers, artists etc. Anyone who has worked with us in any context or has a yes to work with us over the coming programme of work.

We wish to a couple of regular blog series next year. After some discussion on the foxy forum we have settled on ‘Five on Friday’ and ‘Monday Methods’. Depending how many responses we get I would like to do Five on Friday weekly from the Beginning of Jan to the end of Nov 2015 so we can use early December to produce a complete list (it will make sense in a minute I promise). Monday Methods may be more like fortnightly but again, it will depend on the level of response.

Monday Methods – This one is aimed at writers and artists. We would like a short post, a couple of hundred words at least, but no more than 500, preferably with an image or two (your desk space, your favourite mug, the mass of wine bottles waiting to be recycled, a shelf of books or wall of art you gaze at when you should be writing, your whiteboard) about the things that are essential to you in writing. Playlists are always a good addition to this sort of thing too.

Five on Friday – Five recommendations with a short paragraph on each (around 50 – 100 words is ideal) for fans of sci fi, fantasy, horror and crime. They can be fiction or non fiction, they can be books (at least one should be), films, tv shows (a specific episode or one series of a show is better than the whole show, so Star Trek bad, Star Trek the next generation ok, Star Trek  original series, the trouble with tribbles best), music, comics, memorabilia, action figures, tentacle book ends, Dr Who cushions anything you love dearly and think we should all know about. Again, if you can send through images of the items that would be helpful, if not we shall find what we can.

Please send the posts to and title it either Method Monday or Five on Friday as appropriate.

There is no remuneration for these blog posts, they are just for fun and to engage with the readers, let them know a bit about who you all are.

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