British Fantasy Awards

It’s that time of year foxy folk.

Shortlisted for Best Small Press & Best Anth 2014

Well in our second year of running we were shortlisted for Best Anthology (Tales of Eve) and Best Indie Press. This year, our third as an entity, we have been shortlisted for Best Fantasy Novel ‘Breed’ by K.T. Davies and Best Indie Press for the second time.

Breed Final Digital Cover for Upload


We also made the shortlist for Best Short Story with ‘Change of Hear’t by Gaie Sebold which appears in our Wicked Women anthology (edited by Jenny Barber and Jan Edwards). Out of the six nominees for best artist we have worked with Ben Baldwin on King Wolf, Daniele Serra and Sarah Anne Langton on multiple titles and a number of other writers we have had the great pleasure of working with appear on shortlists this year including Den Patrick and Mark West. A big congratulations to everyone on the shortlists, we are in excellent company as always.

You can find the full shortlists here.

Cover by Sarah Anne Langton
Cover by Sarah Anne Langton


Gosh almost forgot our big Victory on Saturday. The North beat the South 6-0 at the Harrogate Crime Festival, picking up injuries and dishing out a few dirty tackles by the looks of the pics (or the South were soft and diving). Fox Spirit was the official team sponsor and proud to have the tough Northern crime writers join the skulk and display their fox spirit on the pitch.


North Vs South at Harrogate

Sadly Aunty Fox won’t be attending Harrogate this year, however Fox Spirit will be well represented at the Football Grudge Match between North and South because House Fox demands trial by combat!


Never has their been a battle so epic as when crime writers throw down on the pitch near the Old Swan in the genteel and pretty gritty and dark surroundings of Mordor Harrogate. With more on the line here than at Helm’s Deep these two teams of pasty & sun deprived fearsome and heroic stalwarts of crime culture will meet in a silly game devastating battle.

Anyway, The North will be wearing Fox Spirit colours on their shirts because the north remembers or it’s going to rain or something. Skulk author Vincent Holland-Keen will be representing the North in this bloody and merciless battle, so there is Fox pride on the line and no pressure Vincent, but the losers will be sacrificed to the god of Fire while the winners will be witnessed entering the halls of Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.


The teams provisionally look like this:


  • Luca Veste
  • Col Bury
  • Nick Quantrill
  • Howard Linskey
  • Vince Holland-Keen
  • Craig Robertson
  • Tom Wood


  • James Law
  • Will Carver
  • Tim Weaver
  • Phil Patterson
  • Chris Ewan
  • Adam Hamdy
  • Graeme Cameron