Something Awesome has Happened!

While I am a publisher of books, have been and to a very small degree still am a reviewer and even occasionally get to be a judge of books, what I am first, foremost and always is a reader.

As a reader I too have been one of the people who has grumbled about samey or misguiding cover art, the synopsis that bears little reflection to the text and the difficulty of finding new authors to enjoy when I’ve thoroughly plundered the back catalogue of favourites.

Well something awesome has happened. John Rickards who is the crime writer John Rickards and also the crime writer Sean Cregan and a very lovely and clever chap, followed up the general grumblings of the populous and a very intelligent and sensible article by Suw and created something marvellous.  For it to work all you writerly types need to get involved in the process just a little bit and all you readerly folk can start your journey of discovery.

So without further ado I shall pass you over to John who does a much better introduction to ‘No Names, No Jackets.‘ a new adventure in book browsing.