Skulk at @Dublin2019 WorldCon

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Floof Will Out

Dublin 2019 World Con will be full of floof! It even includes a performance by the Fox Spirit Skulk Players!


‘ConEIRE’  50 minutes FRIDAY 5:00 PM  –  5:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2A

A love letter to the people who do the thankless work behind the scenes at SFF cons everywhere!

It’s three days before the start of ConEIRE, the best Irish-themed science fiction and fantasy con in the tri-state area, when a phone call sets the entire Convention Committee into panic mode. Is Big Name Writer going to pull out at the last minute? What does Very Famous Artist have to do with that decision? And what do the fairies have to say about all this? Follow the hilarious mishaps as the committee members work desperately to salvage months of planning and hard work, all of which are about to be undone by a well-known prima donna.

But there are skulk members appearing throughout the con:
Ruins, curses, and family secrets: the Gothic  50 minutes 11:00 AM  –  11:50 AM  |  CCD , Wicklow Room-3
Where does the Gothic fit into the overall horror tradition? What elements of the Gothic remain so compelling today, and why? Panellists discuss the genre from its roots to Southern Gothic and other modern interpretations.
Creating podcasts: ideas, people, and themes  50 minutes THURSDAY 4:00 PM  –  4:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall-1
Fleshy fears: horror and the body  50 minutes FRIDAY 11:00 AM  –  11:50 AM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2A
From body horror to body snatchers to possession and beyond, how has horror explored, exploited, and pushed the limits of bodily integrity? What is the subtext of different approaches to body horror, and what practitioners are exploring these assaults on the flesh in the most interesting ways?
Escape Artists podcast: live recording  50 minutes FRIDAY 1:00 PM  –  1:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2B
Come and learn more about free weekly podcast fiction! Join the Escape Artists for an audio fiction show presented by all four EA podcasts: Escape PodPseudoPodPodCastle, and Cast of Wonders. There’ll be a Q&A session, swag giveaways, all the latest news, and live readings.
Why is it always raining in Gotham? Noir themes in SF  50 minutes FRIDAY 9:00 PM  –  9:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2B
Noir tropes are hugely popular in science fictional settings, such as China Miéville’s The City and the City, or William Gibson’s Neuromancer. In what ways are noir tropes adapted or subverted within the genre? Is there a difference in the ways SF books, comics, and movies use elements of noir? The panel will discuss the uses of noir across SF genres and formats.
Misconceptions in medieval history  50 minutes SATURDAY 10:00 AM  –  10:50 AM  |  CCD , Wicklow Room-4
The medieval period is a rich source of inspiration for writers of speculative fiction, but medieval life has been so romanticised in popular culture that it has become hard to separate the chaff of fiction from the wheat of historical fact. Our panel of medievalists will saddle up their warhorses and ride to rescue the damsel of medieval history!
Revolutions in an era of advanced technology  50 minutes SATURDAY 10:00 AM  –  10:50 AM  |  CCD , Wicklow Room-3
How do revolutions (e.g. overthrowing government) occur in an era of advanced technologies? Are orderly regime changes jeopardised with growing asymmetries in weaponry, surveillance, and political power? Are current political processes up to the challenge?
‘Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know’  SATURDAY 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM (50 minutes) Odeon 6 (Academic) Part of: Crusaders and Fairy Kings
Susanna Clarke’s sprawling novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell takes in the whole of the 19th century attempt to restore magic to respectability in England. Repeatedly the readers are warned that fairy magic is ‘not respectable’ – most often by Gilbert Norrell, who hides his shame at stooping to its employment on at least one occasion. Why is fairy magic not ‘respectable’? I will argue that it is because it is mostly Celtic, rather than the more dour, respectable, and rather puritanical English magic that Norrell seeks to revive and rule over. In contrast, John Uskglass was trained in fairy magic and his troop, the Raven King’s army, is specifically identified as the Daoine Sidhe. In pursuing the Raven King’s example, Jonathan Strange remains open to this Celtic influence and soon surpasses his teacher in skill and daring, but both Englishmen are unprepared for the full fury of the fairy fight.
Horror: where are we going?  50 minutes SATURDAY 5:00 PM  –  5:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Room-3
Whose book is it anyway?  50 minutes SATURDAY 5:30 PM  –  6:20 PM  |  Point Square , Alhambra
Who decides which YA books get bought? Publishers? Editors? Booksellers? Parents? Or maybe even YA readers? Join us for a thoughtful discussion on marketing and publishing in YA as we look at how YA novels get chosen. Moreover, what are publishers and readers looking for in a book?
Portrayals of mental health in genre  SUNDAY 50 minutes 12:00 PM  –  12:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2A

Content warning: may include discussions of suicide and self-harm, mental illness and ableism, eating disorders.

Mental health used well can drive a story, create believable motives for characters and even greater awareness amongst the audience. However, these issues are not always treated sensitively or realistically. This panel will explore examples of mental health issues in genre fiction and consider their implications and accuracy.

‘Ditch Diggers’ podcast: live recording  50 minutes SUNDAY 2:00 PM  –  2:50 PM  |  CCD , Wicklow Hall 2B
Irish horror and the supernatural  50 minutes 11:00 AM  –  11:50 AM  |  CCD , ECOCEM Room
Critic Peter Tremayne observed that: ‘Practically every Irish writer has … explored the genre for the supernatural part of Irish culture.’ Ireland has always held its own in fantastical literature, from Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker to Dorothy Macardle and Elizabeth Bowen. But is there a discernible tradition threaded through their fictions? And what, if anything, makes their writing Irish?
Kaffeeklatsch: Marguerite Kenner 50 minutes MONDAY 12:00 PM  –  12:50 PM  |  CCD , Level 3 Foyer
Kaffeeklatsch: Alasdair Stuart  50 minutes MONDAY 1:00 PM  –  1:50 PM  |  CCD , Level 3 Foyer
[If we missed something tweet Kate with the details]

Often Found Skulking

We have a number of authors who return to us again and again, sometimes in different guises, sometimes just for shorts, sometimes in many roles and different hats (we love a good had). I am bringing together those who can often be found skulking between pages here.
You can click on their name to jump straight to an authors work, where it shows as a link. We will make them all links in due course, please be patient.  

Peter Ray Allison ◊ Kim Bannerman ◊ James Bennett
Jenny Barber ◊ Jasper Bark ◊ Ruth EJ Booth
Carol Borden ◊ Paul D Brazill ◊ Sarah Cawkwell
S.J. Caunt ◊ Eliza Chan ◊ Michael S Chong
Cat Connor ◊ Christian D’Amico ◊ E.J. Davies
KT Davies ◊ Aliette De Bodard ◊ Joan De La Haye
Nerine Dorman ◊ Tom Everley ◊ James Fadeley
Tracy Fahey ◊ Jay Faulkner ◊ Chris Galvin
Richard Godwin ◊ T.F. Grant ◊ Su Haddrell
Rob Haines ◊ Margret Helgadottir ◊ Geraldine Clark Hellery
Alex Helm ◊ Catherine Hill ◊ Victoria Hooper
Hannah Kate ◊ Pat Kelleher ◊ K.A. Laity
Sarah Anne Langton ◊ Craig Leyenaar ◊ Juliet McKenna
Alec McQuay  ◊ Anne Michaud ◊ Michael Pack
Den Patrick ◊ Steven Poore ◊ N.O.A. Rawle
Andrew Reid ◊ K.C. Shaw ◊ Colin Sinclair
Rahne Sinclair ◊ Paul Starkey ◊ Ben Stewart
Alasdair Stuart ◊ Adrian Tchaikovsky  ◊ Emma Teichmann
Francesca Terminiello ◊ Jonathan Ward ◊ Ren Warom
Paul Weimer ◊ Asher Wismer ◊ Chloë Yates


Peter Ray Allison

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – The Sound of Latex
Tales of the Fox & Fae – Fox Hunt

Kim Bannerman

Girl at the End of the World – The Unbroken Line

Fox Pockets
#7 In an Unknown Country – Cape of Storms

James Bennett

Fox Pockets
#9 Evil Genius Guide – We Meet Again

Noir Carnival – The Teeth Behind the Beard
Drag Noir – King Bitch

Winter Tales – The Red Lawns

You Left Your Biscuit Behind – Ghost Signals

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – Antichristine

Tales of the Fox and Fae – Blind Country
Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur – Provoking Cerberus

European Monsters – Broken Bridges
African Monsters – A Divided Sun (art by Dave Johnson)

Jenny Barber

Editor (co):
Wicked Women

Short Stories:
Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Past Lives
#2 Shapeshifters – To Fox Tor Mire
#6 Things in the Dark – In Darkness Dreaming
#7 In an Unknown Country – The Strongest Conjuration
#8 Piercing the Vale – Dead Women’s Tales

Jasper Bark

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Fruit of the Forbidden
Tales of the Fox & Fae (ppbk only) – Outfoxed (art by Soussherpa, letters by Bolt-01)

European Monsters – Mother Knows Worst (art by Fabian Tunon Benzo)

Ruth EJ Booth

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy– The Real Deal
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Dame Ammonia Dastardly-Truste’s Evil Genius College for Ladies Class of 2013: Graduation speech [Transcription]

Winter Tales – The Love of a Season

Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – Blueprint for Red Wings

Carol Borden

Fox Pockets
#6 Things in the Dark – Thomas Hobbes vs The Mole People
#8 Piercing the Vale – The Lost City of Osiris

You Left Your Biscuit Behind – Feeding the Fish

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – Sophie and the Gate to Hell

Respectable Horror – The Astartic Arcanum

Weird Noir – 3 Kings and the Mark
Noir Carnival – The Mermaid Illusion
Drag Noir – The Pull of the Moon

Paul D Brazill

Weird Noir  – Black Moon Rising
Noir Carnival  – She’s My Witch
Drag Noir  – A Bit of a Pickle

Sarah Cawkwell

Blood Bound

Short Stories:
Fox Pockets
#6 Things in the Dark – Things

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – The Ballad of Gilrain
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Gilrain and the Minotaur

S.J. Caunt

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – X Marks the Spot
#3 Shapeshifters – Metamorphic
#5 Under the Waves – Goldfish

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Loop

Eliza Chan

Winter Tales – Yukizuki

Asian Monsters – Datsue-Ba

Michael S Chong

Weird Noir – Gus Weatherbourne
Noir Carnival – Take Your Chances
Drag Noir – Trespassing

Cat Connor

Tales of the Nun & Dragon  The Bells of Freedom
Tales of the Fox & Fae – Coming Home

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – Rolling in the Deep

Christian D’Amico

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Insurgent
#3 Guardians – Defiant
#4 Missing Monarchs – Matriarch
#7 Unknown Country – Lianus Invaded

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – The Beast Within

E.J. Davies

You Left Your Biscuit Behind – Patron

Fox Pockets
#10 Reflections – All Heart

KT Davies

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – The Last Hunt
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Katabasis

Eve of War – The Devil’s Spoke

Aliette De Bodard

European Monsters – Mélanie
Asian Monsters – Golden Lilies

Joan De La Haye

Noir Carnival – Trapped

Tales of the Nun & Dragon -Firelight
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Medusa Rising

European Monsters – Black Shuck
African Monsters – Impundulu

Nerine Dorman

European Monsters – Fly, My Dear, Fly
African Monsters – A Whisper in the Reeds

Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Nada’s Promise

T.J. Everley

Fox Pockets
#10 Evil Genius Guide – The Right Honourable Satan

Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur  – The Bird Woman of the Mediterranean 

James Fadeley

Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians  – Favours the Prepared
#6 Things in the Dark – Selachimorpha Caesar
#7 In an Unknown Country  – Stroppendrager

Tracy Fahey

The Girl at the End of the World Vol1 – Coming Back

Drag Noir – The Changling

Fox Pockets
#7 In an Unknown Country – Wherever you go, there you are
#8 Piercing the Vale – The Cillini

Jay Faulkner

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Benedic Mihi Pater
Tales of the Fox & Fae – Lifesong
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Of Comedies and Tragedies

Chris Galvin

Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians – Arabesque
#10 Reflections – Starting Over

European Monsters – Hafgufa Rising

Richard Godwin

Weird Noir – Violets and Furs
Noir Carnival – Mister Know it All
Drag Noir – The Meaning of Skin

T.F. Grant

T.F. Grants stories are available on our free fiction page in his memory

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Geronimo

Tales of the Fox & Fae – They are the Dead

Su Haddrell

Winter Tales – The Bothy

Respectable Horror – Running a Few Errands

Rob Haines

Tales of Eve – In Memoriam
Eve of War – In Amber

Fox Pockets 
#1 Piracy – Pieces of 2^3
#2 Shapeshifters – Reliquary

Margret Helgadottir

Winter Tales
European Mosnters
African Monsters 
Asian Monsters

The Stars Seem so Far Away

Short Stories: 

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Nora
#2 Shapeshifters – The Lion
#3 Guardians – Lost Bonds
#5 Under the Waves – Ocean Sky
#6 Things in the Dark – Nightmare
#7 In an Unknown Country – Arnhild

Tales of the Fox & Fae – The Home of the Foxes
The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – A Sailor Girl Goes Ashore
Geraldine Clark Hellery

Weird Wild
Akane : Last of the Orions
The Ghoulsome Graveyard (Fennec)

Short Stories:
Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians – The Guardian
#5 Under the Waves – The Blue Planet
#10 Reflections – All the Fun of the Fayre

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Into the Woods
Tales of the Fox & Fae – The Fox and The Fae

Eve of War – Born

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – Somebody to Play With

Alex Helm

Fox Pockets
#10 Reflections – Seven Years

Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – A Pilgrimage for Saint Salima

Catherine Hill

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – The Trouble with Daydreams
#3 Guardians – My Guardian’s Guardian

Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – The Labours of Stropheus

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 1 – The End of the Garden

Victoria Hooper

Fox Pockets
#4 Missing Monarchs – The Lost Queen
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Evil Genius Guide

Hannah Kate

Noir Carnival – Idle Hands

European Monsters – Nimby

Christopher L Irvin

Weird Noir – Charred Kraken With Plum Butter
Noir Carnival – The Things We Leave Behind

Pat Kelleher

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – The Killing of Sister George
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Proof of Concept

K.A. Laity

Weird Noir
Noir Carnival 
Drag Noir
Respectable Horror

Dreambook : Unikirja
Extricate/Throw the Bones as Graham Wynd
White Rabbit

Short Stories

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Black Ethel’s Beast as Kit Marlowe
#2 Shapeshifters – Carlos
#4 Missing Monarchs – Headless in Bury as Graham Wynd
#6 Things in the Dark – The Ransom of the Red Witch as Kit Marlowe
#9 Evil Genius GuideHow to Seduce Anyone as C.M. Kempe

Tales of the Nun and Dragon – The Price

The Girl at the End of the World – Zompoc in Nashville

You Left Your Biscuit Behind – Elf Prefix as Graham Wynd

Sarah Anne Langton

Multiple Artist Credits with Fox Spirit Books

Fox Pockets
#6 Things in the Dark – Welcome to the Northern Line
#7 In an Unknown Country – Are you Listening

Craig Leyenaar

Fox Pockets
#6 Things in the Dark – Down by The River
#7 In an Unknown Country – Walking of Worlds
#8 Piercing the Vale – All Fun and Games

Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Such a Little Thing

Juliet McKenna

Tales of Eve – Game, Set and Match?
Eve of War – Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick.

Wicked Women – Win Some, Lose Some

Alec McQuay

Emily Nation

Short Stories:

Fox Pockets
#2 Shapeshifters – Javier Reborn
#3 Guardians – Of The Glare
#5 Under the Waves – Curse
#8 Piercing the Vale – All and Nothing
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Mallory Untouched

Tales of the Fox & Fae – The Sly and The Spriggan

Eve of War – Lucille

The Girl at The End of the World Vol 2 – Bunker Buster

Anne Michaud

Winter Tales – Frost Fair

European Monsters – Vijka

Girl at the End of the World Vol 2 – I Was Here

Michael Pack

Fox Pockets
#2 Shapeshifters – To Fly
#4 Missing Monarchs – Paths in the Forest

Den Patrick

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Becalmed
#2 Shapeshifters – Seductions
#3 Guardians – Wrecked
#5 Under The Waves – Tempest
#6 Things in the Dark – Occlusion
#10 Reflections – Shattered

Steven Poore

Fox Pockets
#5 Under the Waves – That Sinking Feeling
#6 Things in the Dark – Junior Twilight Stock Replacer
#8 Piercing the Vale – Take me With you
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Full Compliance

N.O.A Rawle

Girl at the End of the World Vol 2 – Vanquish

Fox Pockets
#10 Reflections – Tickets to Ride

Andrew Reid

Fox Pockets
#6 Things in the Dark – Rise of the Huntress
#9 Evil Genius Guide – The Great Day of Her Wrath
#10 Reflections – The Shining Knight

Tales of the Nun & Dragon -Martyr
Tales of the Fox & Fae – The Band of Straw and Silver
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – Virtutis Gloria Merces

Tales of Eve – Kate and the Buchanan
Eve of War – Himura the God Killer

The Girls at the End of the World Vol 1 – The Ending Plague

K.C. Shaw

Author :


Short Stories :

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Skyway
#2 Shapeshifters – Cloud Like a Bunny
#5 Under the Waves – Puck Pool

Colin Sinclair

Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians  – Phased
#8 Piercing the Vale – Claudia
#9 Evil Genius Guide – His Masters Narrative Voice
#10 Reflections – Number Game

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 2 – Under the Green Witch

Rahne Sinclair

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – No Quarter
#2 Shapeshifters – Eigi Einhammer
#3 Guardians – Warden of Valdyr
#4 Missing Monarchs – Monarch of the Glen
#5 Under The Waves – My Immortal
#6 Things in the Dark  – See you in the Morning
#7 In an Unknown Country – Finding Home
#8 Piercing the Vale – The Captain
#10 Reflections – Self Abosrbed

Eve of War – Ballad of Sighne

Paul Starkey

Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians – Swung
#4 Missing Monarchs – Checkmate
#Piercing the Vale – Just Another Breakfast

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 2 – Savage Times

Ben Stewart

Fox Pockets
#5 Under the Waves – Fire and be Damned
#6 Things in the Dark – Close Your Eyes
#8 Piercing the Vale – A Curious Tale of Death and Life
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Getting the Most from Your Kaiju

Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – The Wisdom of King Weejun

Alasdair Stuart

The Psuedopod Tapes Vol 1

Short Stories:
Fox Pockets
#3 Guardians – Fat Angels
#7 In an Unknown Country – Overwatch
#8 Piercing the Vale – Connected
#10 Reflections – The Birthday Archipelago

Tales of Eve – Ellie Danger, Girl Daredevil
Eve of War – Et Mortuum Esse Audivit

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Wicked Women – The Blessed Union

Winter Tales – The Coming of the Cold

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Saint George and Saint Giles

Tales of Eve -Fragile Creations
Eve of War – The Binds That Tie

European Monsters – Serpent Dawn (artist Eugene Smith)

The Girl at the End of the World Vol 2 – The Girls from Humaji

Emma Teichmann

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy – Silvermelt
#2 Shapeshifters  – Mimicans
#3 Guardians – Re-Semblance
#4 Missing Monarchs – In Absentia
#7 In an Unknown Country – Tombstone
#9 Evil Genius Guide – Project Domination

Noir Carnival – Carne Levare

Francesca Terminiello

Fox Pockets:
#1 Piracy – Plunder
#2 Shapeshifters – Job Security
#5 Under the Waves – Footprints

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Sister Amagda and the Thrice-Bound Wyrm

Tales of Eve – Father’s Day

Asian Monsters – Aswang

Jonathan Ward

Fox Pockets
#2 Shapeshifters – Mask
#3 Guardians – Gateway
#4 Missing Monarchs – The Collector
#7 In an Unknown Country – Hiatus
#8 Piercing the Vale – A Tale of Days Long Gone

Wicked Women – A Change in Leadership

Winter Tales – Spirit of the Season

The Girl at the End of The World Vol 1 – The Last Rushani

Ren Warom

The Lonely Dark

Short Stories:

Tales of Eve – Unravel
Eve of War – Repo

Tales of the Nun & Dragon – Nil Desperandum

Paul Weimer

Tales of Eve – Newton’s Method
Eve of War – The Crossing

Asher Wismer

Fox Pockets
#1 Piracy  – True to The Song
#2 Shapeshifters – War Most Willing
#8 Piercing the Vale – Solid Glass
#10 Reflections – The Sole

Weird Noir – Evil and Life

Chloë Yates

Fox Pockets:
#1 Piracy – Leave The Pistol Behind
#3 Guardians – Well Our Feeble Frame He Knows
#4 Missing Monarchs – Tits Up in Wonderland
#5 Under the Waves – Tuna Surprise!
#6 Things in the Dark – The Devil’s Haemorrhoids
#7 In An Unknown Country – The City is of Night, but Not of Sleep
#8 Piercing the Vale – Intimacy
#9 The Evil Genius Guide – Professor Venedictos Von Holinshed Versus The Sororal League of Bazooka-Bikini-Wielding Demonic Divas from Outer Space
#10 Reflections – The Most Tragical & Implausible Fate of Mary I: A Demonic Soliloquy

Weird Noir – A Kick in the Head
Noir Carnival – Madam Mafoutee’s Bad Glass Eye
Drag Noir – Kiki Le Shade

Wicked Women – How to be the Perfect Housewife

The Girl at the End of the World – All Things Fall

Tales of the Fox & Fae – A Cackling Fart
Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur – The Mouse and the Minotaur

Eve of War – One Sssingular Sssenssation

Respectable Horror – The Holy Hour