Call for Stories: Respectable Horror

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
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Oh, another bloody slasher. Oh, more extreme horror. Oh, it must be Tuesday. BORED!

Whilst sipping a martini clarity arrives: one hungers for a change of pace, dash it all:

So we would like tales of civilised, gentle(wo)manly horror, cold, calculating and bloodless; spinechillers rather than slashers, enervating instead of eviscerating. Though a wee bit of the red stuff will not make us blanch, focus more on unshakeable dread. Make us afraid to investigate that noise downstairs. Cause us to shudder when we glimpse something move out of the corner of our eyes. Think Ann Radcliffe and the Gothics, Mary Shelley, Elizabeth Gaskell, Wilkie Collins, M.R. James and even those modern folks like Shirley Jackson and Fritz Leiber.

It’s all about the style. Mashups are the Fox Spirit specialty, so mix and match to your little heart’s content (Lovecraftian Wodehouse has been done). Just be sure to keep the theme uppermost.

Humorous attempts at horror are acceptable, but be warned that your editor’s sense of humour like her taste in martinis is most peculiar and exacting. You would be strongly advised to inform yourself of her tastes.

THE PARTICULARS for Respectable Horror

Follow our house style and submit via Word document attachment to katelaity at gmail dot com by December 31st, 2015. Selection of stories will happen in the spring; the publication itself will appear later in 2016. You will be expected to join in the publicity efforts as much as you are capable (social media mostly).

Word count: ~4-8K

Payment: £10 upon publication + digital and print copy of the volume

What ho! Ask any questions you have in advance of the closing date.

Submission Call – You left your biscuit behind

‘You left your biscuit behind’

Occasionally you hear something said that immediately creates a strong image or feeling. So it was, out for coffee with my parents that the phrase ‘you left your biscuit behind’ conjured for me a sense of crimes interrupted, lives shattered and moments captured. It had the feel of an anthology.

We are looking for ten mash-up crime stories of between 6,000 and 8,000 words to bring to life that feeling.

By mash-up crime we mean that the stories should be primarily in the crime genre, but cross-over with other genres is in fact encouraged, although straight crime is acceptable. The title phrase is not a required feature of the stories, but more of a writing prompt; what story does it bring to mind for you?


We want original works written for the anthology; we won’t be looking at reprints for this one because of the limit on stories.

There will be a token payment of £15 and a comp copy of the paperback and ebooks.

This is an open call closing on 1st June 2015 and the book will be published in early 2016.

Please send all submissions to and title them ‘Biscuit submission’. Please include your name and email at the top of your submission and send it as an attachment, we will not be able to accept submissions in the body of the email.

Please read our submission guidelines for more information on fonts and formats.

This call will be added to our submission page during the next few days and no decisions will be made on submissions until after the closing date. We look forward to reading your interpretation of this one.