Getting Foxy 4 – Sarah Cawkwell


Sarah Cawkwell is an established and fabulous writer of fantasy, comic fantasy and sci fi and probably anything else she wants when it comes down to it. She’s also a total games geek, which can really only be a good thing.

Sarah is also an utterly lovely human bean and a fantastic panelist so if you ever get the chance to hear her speak at a convention, take it!


Sarah has published a novella in a fairly traditional fantasy set up, Blood Bound, which has left audiences wanting more from the creepy mage and his warrior companion.


She also created the hapless but heroic Gilrain and his fatherly squire Therin, for Tales of the Nun and Dragon and will be revisiting the humorous fantasy world of this duo in Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur. We are also gently nudging her towards a collection of short adventures with these popular characters.


Cover reveal for Blood Bound


We have kept this one a bit quiet really but in April we are delighted to be releasing a novella by the wonderful Sarah Cawkwell.

Sarah opened Tales of the Nun & Dragon with ‘The Ballad of Gilrain’ which we loved so much we made her write an actual ballad which was recorded by Under a Banner.

Blood Bound is a more traditional fantasy with the wit and tight story telling that is typical of Sarah as well as wonderful characters I hope she will revisit at some point.

Blood Bound

‘Agreement is made this night between Jareth De’Roth and Taryanderon ap Pallerion. For the successful procurement and return of the item (as
 described) in its original state and undamaged, the promised and most generous payment will be made in full. Should this contract be broken, the
 consequences will be most severe. By signing this oath, you acknowledge your full and complete understanding of these terms.’