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From time to time we bring you interesting projects from other corners of the web and here is a such a one. In there own words then….



Our #FILLTheVOID campaign to turn Kneel Downe’s popular VIRULENTBLURB novella, THE JACKPORT KILLER into an audio book has less than two weeks left on Indiegogo.

Our goal is to raise £2,500 in order to finalise all the additional costs of studio work, as production and distribution is all covered. Recording will take place at the award winning Spokenworld Audio studio in London and we have secured the services of acclaimed actor Greg Patmore to lend his voice to the world-weary, wolf-spliced Detective Kurt Lobo.

A damaged serial killer is stalking the city streets. 

Bodies left at random.

Ritualistic in their method.


Can Detective Lobo find the JackPort Killer before events get too close?

Too personal?

Welcome to The Endless, Sprawling, Neon City beneath the broken EverNight.

Welcome to the world of The Wolf.

Acclaimed author Kneel Downe released the first of his Detective Kurt Lobo case files, The JackPort Killer, in May this year to great critical reception and his VirulentBlurb universe grew bigger. Starburst Magazine picked up on the teaser trailer for it and reviewed the book, saying “you will soon find yourself completely immersed into the bizarre, cyberpunk, dystopian world Downe has created, and find yourself wanting more” and TheCultDen gave it 10/10.  Now the universe is set to expand again as, for the first time, the Wolf gets a voice when The JackPort Killer comes to audio book!

We have struck a deal with London-based award winning studio Spokenworld Audio, winners this year of both an Audie and a New York Award for their work, and the production and distribution costs are sorted. The search then began across the globe for a voice actor to bring Lobo to life in a way that excited both Kneel and the fans. After an extensive hunt, actor Greg Patmore of Big Finish fame was approached.

We were all delighted when Greg read The Jackport Killer and loved it. He has excitedly agreed to the role and plans have been started to go into production of a full audio book.

This is where you come in!  The silence is unbearable.  The wolf must tell his tale…  Help us to give a voice to Detective Kurt Lobo.  Help us #FILLTheVOID

The link is here

Needs you poster finished




We have been working on the website and while there is still a lot to do I think it’s probably safe to update your links now. Under the shop are links to the places we sell books and where you can buy merchandise and books are now grouped into primary genre to make life a little easier for browsing, as you can tell over 2014 that may become helpful!

You may be right, I may be crazy

Well if I am quoting Billy Joel on a Friday afternoon and it’s not Piano Man then there is a good chance i’m up to no good.

I’ve been busy lining up new projects and am contemplating other things that have been brought to my attention and when I look at all the thing I need to get done in the next few months I start looking for the men in white coats.

All you need to know right now is we have exciting new things coming up and I will tell you more as soon as I can. As always the approach is ‘give me one good reason why we can’t’ so you can expect that in addition to finally getting Tales of Eve and Fox & Fae out, along with three more fox Pockets there are two or three other projects slated to come out before Christmas.


Noir Carnival Teaser Day 4

I’m finally losing it. I’ve spent so long searching for clues

Jo Jo the Dog Faced boy and the bearded lady
Jo Jo the Dog Faced boy and the bearded lady

that I’m starting to make things up in my head. Why did it
have to happen? I think for the millionth time, tears pricking
at the corner of my eyes. I hurry back to my cold apartment,
where I dig into my coat pocket to find the keys. My fingers
rub against a scrap of paper and I pull it out. The paper
is thick and brown, the letters gilded: Invite to the Feast of
Fools. There’s no address. It’ll be some stupid street act, I
think, stuffing the paper back into my pocket and drawing
out the keys.
I sleep badly, disturbed by strange sounds. Someone outside
must be having a party. The noises seem to seep into the
room. They slide about the walls, scuttling into my ears and
around my brain.
I wake feeling fuzzy and dry-mouthed – the hint of a
hangover – and with a nagging thought: what if there was
something more to that grey figure? What if she was trying
to tell me something… about Stella? Come on, Tom, I scold
myself. She was just some crazy peddler.

From ‘Carne Levate’ by Emma Teichman

It’s Here!

Noir Carnival launch day is here.

The Carnival is happening at lunch time today at Edge.Lit in the Quad Derby.

WEBNoir Carnival launch poster A3


All this week Sun-Fri we are running snippets from Noir Carnival.

‘Piracy’ Tasters Day 4

‘Stopper your ears!’ Ellie yelled. She scanned the sea,pirate panda
searching for further sign of their enemy, then something
moved under the water nearby, something large
which rocked the boat as it passed under, and as she
shifted her balance she gripped the hilt of her favourite
blade and made ready to make her cuts count.
And there, just off astern, a silver-grey leviathan rose
out of the depths with a deep grumbling hoot and she
barely had time to notice the Selkin on its back when
more of the thrice bedamned creatures leapt up over
the rails on all sides and attacked. Leaping harpies of
the deep that they were, the dead-eyed creatures never
considered giving quarter, just went straight for the
kill, all wicked talons and teeth and misshapen knives
that she could only think they’d stolen off some sunken
wreck once upon a long ago.

from ‘Past Lives’ by Jenny Barber

A Foxy Fellow

Growing up the book I read most often, more than my favourite Narnia books (The Magicians Nephew and The Horse and his Boy), more than the Jungle Books whose poems I could recite by heart (and some I still can), more even than the Just So Stories, was Fantastic Mr Fox. It was my quick fix read. Full of cunning and humour and people it was easy to dislike. I grew up on a small holding, we lost our chickens to foxes over a couple of weeks and the whole thing was so messy and upsetting we never replaced them.  Yet this fictional fox was so full of charm and wit and cleverness I was very firmly on his side. I still have my original copy. The cover is missing. It fell off with over use.

As an adult (technically if not always in behaviour) of 35, there are many books I love. Many tales I’ve reread a dozen or more times and every time found something new to surprise and delight me. I still read Fantastic Mr Fox. He is still my favourite literary hero.

The stories in Fox & Fae celebrate the fox for all the wonderful attributes they share with Dahl’s creation. The book also explores the downsides of being beautiful and clever. It also visit the flip side of that, in ‘A Crackling Fart’ for example our foxy fellow’s superiority and cleverness are his downfall as much as his greed. It’s a wonderful collection of stories and I hope someone somewhere will take one of our foxes to their heart as much as I did Fantastic Mr Fox.

Tales of the Fox and Fae will be out this summer in the mean time there are plenty of other Fox Spirit titles out there.

If you check out the rest of the site you will find a small number of foxes caught on camera around the world. Fox photos are by Phil Knott.

Happy Birthday To Us.

Happy Birthday the Fox Spirit Skulk

The process of getting up and running took place over May and June last year with the first book going live on the 4th July 2012, but our first blog post went up on the 2nd June 2012, so we were officially a year old yesterday. You should all get yourselves a cake and pop a candle in it to celebrate. I will be.

I spent the birthday doing the 2012/13 year accounts so I thought today I’d give you all a bit of a round up of the year. Lessons learned and a few highlights from the figures, that sort of thing.

I have learned that things do not go to plan. Even if I control every thing perfectly (which I don’t) then there will still be delays and hiccups and more changes to make.

I’ve learned that no matter how many people go through a document and no matter how many times there will always be one or two errors that sneak in. The largest of which was half the final story in Nun & Dragon being missing when the ebook first went live. If anyone who bought it never got the updated download (Kindle were supposed to make this available automatically) then let me know and I will send it to you btw.

I’ve learned that I will always take a bad review personally, even if I can find nothing of truth or merit in what it says. It is a fact that while I am being all cool and telling my authors to shrug it off, I am taking it out on pads or an opponent later. These books are your babies, but I believe in them and love them like my own.

I’ve learned that there are a huge number of amazingly talented people who are willing to be incredibly generous with their time and talent for whatever the budget will allow, just because they like the project, or the people or just feel like it. I believe very strongly that people should be paid for their work, but I am eternally grateful that people are willing to negotiate to help a start up like this get going.

Fox Spirit wouldn’t be anything but an idea without all the people but time and talent into it, submitting, formatting, creating artwork, editing, reviewing, just talking about our books, and so on. Thank you.

I’ve learned there is a much greater appetite for writing and reading short stories than I had imagined.

There are plenty of other things, but those are always at the top of my list.

Now the years figures.

Well Fox Spirit is running at a significant loss at present. That’s ok, I knew it would in the first year or so. The upside is I shouldn’t have to pay any taxes. Happy Days.

In our first year we published nine books. Two Novels, four novellas, one non fiction and two anthologies. We’ve had one guest editor published and two more in the works.

So far the best sellers have been Weird Noir and Pseudopod, level pegging at the end of the financial year  and both Weird Noir and Pseudopod have had a small number of sales in Euros as well as £ and $. Nun & Dragon sold the most physical copies.

The anthologies and essays are overall moving faster with the novels and novellas going more slowly. I presume this is due to more people being involved in spreading the word. So folks, help spread the word we have starving authors who need your love.  Not to mention starving artists and Editors.

We have had lots of positive reviews and I will update the press page shortly, so if you’ve reviewed something and it’s not up already let me know and I’ll add it. If you’d like to review us also drop me a line on adele@ foxspirit.

Our second year will be just as busy if not more so. There are three titles waiting in the wings to break into the world any moment a couple of novels committed to, Fox Pockets, more Noir, more Bushy Tales and general mayhem to unleash.

Keep an eye on our submissions page for what we are up to and follow us on twitter @foxspiritbooks or facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything.



Welcome to the Carnival

The line up for Noir Carnival has just been confirmed. Edited by the redoubtable Kate Laity and with cover art by the formidable (and lovely) S.L.Johnson, welcome to the Carnival.

WEB Final Noir Carnival

NOIR CARNIVALTable of Contents

Introduction: Caravan ~ K. A. Laity

Family Blessings ~ Jan Kozlowski

In the Mouth of the Beast ~ Li Huijia

Idle Hands ~ Hannah Kate

The Things We Leave Behind ~ Chris L. Irvin

She’s My Witch ~ Paul D. Brazill

The Mermaid Illusion ~ Carol Borden

Natural Flavouring ~ Rebecca Snow

Madam Mafoutee’s Bad Glass Eye ~ Chloë Yates

Buffalo Brendan and the Big Top Ballot ~ Alan Watson

Carne Levare ~ Emma Teichmann

Leave No Trace ~ A. J. Sikes

Fair ~ Robin Wyatt Dunn

Things Happen Here After Dark ~ Sheri White

Mister Know-It-All ~ Richard Godwin

Trapped ~ Joan De La Haye

The Price of Admission ~ Neal Litherland

Take Your Chances ~ Michael S. Chong

Young Mooncalf ~ Katie Young

The Teeth Behind the Beard ~ James Bennett