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Our #FILLTheVOID campaign to turn Kneel Downe’s popular VIRULENTBLURB novella, THE JACKPORT KILLER into an audio book has less than two weeks left on Indiegogo.

Our goal is to raise £2,500 in order to finalise all the additional costs of studio work, as production and distribution is all covered. Recording will take place at the award winning Spokenworld Audio studio in London and we have secured the services of acclaimed actor Greg Patmore to lend his voice to the world-weary, wolf-spliced Detective Kurt Lobo.

A damaged serial killer is stalking the city streets. 

Bodies left at random.

Ritualistic in their method.


Can Detective Lobo find the JackPort Killer before events get too close?

Too personal?

Welcome to The Endless, Sprawling, Neon City beneath the broken EverNight.

Welcome to the world of The Wolf.

Acclaimed author Kneel Downe released the first of his Detective Kurt Lobo case files, The JackPort Killer, in May this year to great critical reception and his VirulentBlurb universe grew bigger. Starburst Magazine picked up on the teaser trailer for it and reviewed the book, saying “you will soon find yourself completely immersed into the bizarre, cyberpunk, dystopian world Downe has created, and find yourself wanting more” and TheCultDen gave it 10/10.  Now the universe is set to expand again as, for the first time, the Wolf gets a voice when The JackPort Killer comes to audio book!

We have struck a deal with London-based award winning studio Spokenworld Audio, winners this year of both an Audie and a New York Award for their work, and the production and distribution costs are sorted. The search then began across the globe for a voice actor to bring Lobo to life in a way that excited both Kneel and the fans. After an extensive hunt, actor Greg Patmore of Big Finish fame was approached.

We were all delighted when Greg read The Jackport Killer and loved it. He has excitedly agreed to the role and plans have been started to go into production of a full audio book.

This is where you come in!  The silence is unbearable.  The wolf must tell his tale…  Help us to give a voice to Detective Kurt Lobo.  Help us #FILLTheVOID

The link is here

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