World Book Day

It’s world book day today. All over the place kids are going to school dressed as their favourite characters. Aunty Fox has even loaned out her tail for the event. World Book Day makes me think of sitting in the space under my bunk bed (behind the inbuilt cupboards) with a lamp and a book as a kid, or reading a novel inside a science text book when I was supposed to be revising. It makes me think of the table of indie books I had the honour of manning at NineWorlds last year. Most importantly it makes me think of stories and the pleasure they bring.



There are people who believe that fiction must try to be improving to have value. I disagree. I think we cannot help but be improved and enriched by the sharing of stories, so in fiction writers should be trying to tell the best story they can. What we are trying to do at Fox Spirit is share some of the stories that capture our imagination, that enrich us, with everyone out there.

So this world book day eat cake for breakfast, read something you enjoy and tell someone about a book you love!



The Pseudopod Cake

I love the authors I work with, they are amazing writers and fantastic people and they continue to surprise me.

With our last release of 2012 Alasdair held an apocalypse launch party with cake. Seriously folks, I’ve never seen a Fox Spirit book cover that was quite this sweet before. I love it! Best cake ever!

I can’t give you a sample of the cake, but you can try a sample of the book. Pseudopod Files taster