Launch Day – The PseudoPod Tapes 2 – Approach with Caution

If you are not already familiar with Escape Artists horror podcast you should check it out. The whole Escape Artists podcast family is professionally put together and brings great stories and fabulous narration right to your ears!

For the horror podcast, Alasdair Stuart is the host and this is the second volume of his outro essays, in this case covering 2013.

Alasdair is a gem of genre journalism, as anyone who reads his newsletter The Full Lid, or our own, Not the Fox News will be familiar. He is a veritable geekpedia of knowledge, mixed with a rare openness that makes his writing extremely personal.

We are delighted to welcome the tentacled horrors of PseudoPod and their host back to Fox Spirit.

Ebook is available now from our own store and will be appearing on amazon worldwide as we speak, the print edition will be available from Monday. 


The Pseudopod Cake

I love the authors I work with, they are amazing writers and fantastic people and they continue to surprise me.

With our last release of 2012 Alasdair held an apocalypse launch party with cake. Seriously folks, I’ve never seen a Fox Spirit book cover that was quite this sweet before. I love it! Best cake ever!

I can’t give you a sample of the cake, but you can try a sample of the book. Pseudopod Files taster