Live Rabbits!

White Rabbit will be hopping onto Amazon as a paperback any hour now so get your copy and burrow in with this noir tale of murder and the supernatural.


Wicked Women and other titles

I’m delighted to announce that something which has been bubbling in the background for a while is now opening to submissions.

Wicked Women

Edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber

‘Regular readers of Fox Spirit books know that women are pretty bad-ass – be they evil queens, goddesses, super-villains or anti-heroes, warriors, monsters, bad girls, rebels, mavericks or quietly defiant – so with that in mind, we’re looking for stories of women who gleefully write their own rules.  Women who’ll bend or break the social norms, skate along the edge of the law and generally aim to misbehave.’

Details posted on the Submissions page but please note that submissions go directly to  in this instance not the usual address. books (800x600)


‘Drag Noir’ has now closed for submissions and I am looking forward to seeing what K.A.Laity produces from the third in the Noir series of books. Once again we have artist S.L.Johnson working on the cover.

After the reception to Tales of Eve Mhairi Simpson is back on board editing an invitation only follow up ‘Daughters of Eve’ loosely inspired by women of HEMA (historical european martial arts) and the release of The Lost Giganti.


Bushy Tales

The bushy tales series was how it all began. If I were looking to buy a pub in 2012 Leicestershire would now be the proud home of The Nun & Dragon Pub, but instead it’s the home of Fox Spirit Books and our first anthology ‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’.

Come, rest your weary bones, draw a flagon and hark to the tales of Nuns & Dragons, of bravery and steadfastness in the face of mighty and implacable foes. Settle down and indulge yourself in wild flights of fancy brought to life by your fellow travellers.”

The Nun & Dragon is a local like no other – share in the wild and wonderful tellings of a gifted panoply of authors, tales replete with wonder, a liberal coating of mysticism, the odd splash of darkness and a sprinkling of grim humour.

nun and dragon - ebook cover (2)

With stories by: Sarah Cawkwell, Mhairi Simpson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Jasper Bark, Mark West, Joan De La Haye, Simon Bestwick, Colin F Barnes, Andrew Reid, Ren Warom, Pat Kelleher, Cat Connor, Peter Ray Allison, S.J.Caunt, Wayne Simmons, Geraldine Clark Hellery,  V.C.Linde, Catherine Rogers,  Jay Faulkner,  Sammy H K Smith,  Francesca Terminiello,  K.A. Laity,  Karen Davies

The second book in the series ‘Tales of the Fox and Fae’ is also out.

Deep in the woods where wild things lurk you’ll find foxes and rarer creatures, the fae. Join us for tales of faeries at the bottom of the garden, foxes falling foul of their own nature, battles fought in the night where human lives hang in the balance. Not all faeries are good, not all foxes are hunted. Welcome to our Tales of the Fox & Fae.

fox-and-fae front-cover-1

With stories by:  Andrew Reid,  Margret Helgadottir,  James Bennett, Chloe Yates, Alec McQuay, Haralambi Markov, Peter Ray Allison, Jasper Bark (writer) & Soussherpa (artist) & Bolt-01 (letterer), Geraldine Clark Hellery, Jay Faulkner,  T.F.Grant,  Cat Connor

The final ‘Bushy Tales’ book, ‘Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur’ is coming later this year.

Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur explores the adventure of mice (and rats) and twists on greek mythology. It also sees the return of Gilrain.

All three books feature cover art by Vincent Holland-Keen and internal art by Kieran Walsh. In Mouse and Minotaur Kieran will be collaborating with Joe Kolessides on the internal art. I’m excited to see the images for that!

Cover Reveal for Warrior Stone

At the end of this month Fox Spirit will be releasing it’s first YA title.

Warrior Stone: Underland by Robert Harkess

Cover art is by Linzi Goldstone and the layout by Vincent Holland-Keen

Please contact adele@ or use the contact form if you are interested in reviewing the title.

Warrior Stone Underland - with layout



Chapter 4

The story of Starfang continues…

Chapter Four


I spent a long hour placating and explaining matters to Governor Seeto. In the end, we worked out a budget for hive repairs and loss of lives; Clan Black Talons would foot half of the bill. In return, Seeto would conduct a purge of the hives of any Pariah activity and provide squads of enforcers for the purge duties. As for the craz trade, Seeto refused to budge. It was far too lucrative for him.

Didn’t Mother mention humans were involved? Bah. Humans and their addictions. Clans and their addictions. Horrible.

Switching off the comm-screen took some effort. My body craved energy. I fixed myself a cup of carbohydrate-rich soup and downed it in two gulps. I rubbed my face, my back twitching. Were my actions shameful?  I had to obey my father and carry out the assignment. And it was blood feud… which ate up lives like a glutton with food.

I hated the fact that I had to stand between right and wrong, white and black. All my tours of duty had been straight forward. Not this one. 

I would sleep with the screams of the dying and injured tonight.


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Review Giveaway

Reviews are hugely important to authors and publishers, it’s a great way of getting word out about a book and giving people something other than just the publishers blurb to consider in their purchasing.

So we have decided to do a giveaway. If you have reviewed or do review a Fox Spirit title on your blog, Goodreads or Amazon in the month of April then send us the link and you will be entered into a random draw to one of two prizes consisting of these three gorgeous titles!

foxprizeAlec and Geri have both signed their books and their stories in Guardians.

All you have to do is review one of our titles in April 2014, somewhere public and send a link to before the 1st May. It’s open internationally. If you have a blog and would like to request ebook copies for review please contact me on the same email.


Fox Pockets Final Closing

We are accepting submissions for the final four Fox Pockets until 15th April (this is an extension for Unknown Country)

In an Unknown Country

Piercing the Vale (not a mistake, ghost stories are fine but so a fairy stories)

The Evil Genius Guide (to be selected by Daz Pulsford)


all have two weeks left to get your stories in.


(post edited to correct typo on copy editors name, which he spotted. This is why Aunty Fox does not do the copy editing.)


Chapter 3

(We hope you are enjoying the serialised novel ‘Starfang’ by Joyce Chng. Here is the third chapter for your enjoyment. We’d love to see your fan art or werewolf cosplay pics, so please send them in to and we will add them to our gallerys)

Chapter Three


Starfang emerged from the jump gate in a sunburst of light.

I watched her re-entry into known space from my chair, the wide screen awash with ‘fireflies’, as I always called it, drifting in a cloud. Starfang’s heart thrummed beneath me, as her steel body fought to slow down. The centrifugal engine-heart must be on the verge of over-heating, cooled somewhat by the automatic coolant system. Prolonged jumping often stressed ships, even warships who plied the space routes in packs and fleets.

“The rest of the fleet are now emerging from the ‘gate, captain,” First Officer April Yue announced calmly. She was sat on my right side, her face lit by the consoles. Her hand flew over the panels. “StarsongStartear and Starsword.” My destroyers, dutifully accompanying Starfang.

“We are now in Sector 41B,” Mariette announced on cue from her section. “Shields ready, captain.”

“All stop,” I ordered. Ju Fan inclined her head to signal acknowledgement. Starfang didn’t really stop like a vehicle with the usual braking of speed, but I felt it in my bones. She now hung over the orange-grey planet like a ready dagger. The orange-grey planet was a hive planet, shrouded with pollution. My skin prickled at the thought of the air touching my face. Neo-Samarkand. Drug planet.

“They will know we are here,” April said. “Their ships are probably hiding. Cloaked, if they have that technology.”

“Signal the destroyers to point their main cannon at the planet,” I said. “The word for firing the cannons will be ‘prey’. Mission log: started at current system time, 0900hr.”


Slinking down the paths of underhive Neo-Samarkand, in wolf form, dark like the night and silent, paws on soft effluvia. Hunting the prey, in silence, with the trails in golden before me. Nobody cared about the feral form slipping in and out of the darkness.  Until somebody glanced over, saw the size of it, smelled the smell of it, and turned away, knowing it was his nightmare made flesh.

My prey was right in the middle of the underhive, in the dripping sewage-covered streets.

My informant, my lead into the Pariahs’ den.

In this form, I was no longer Captain Francesca. I was now a hunter, sniffing out the trail. I was aware that I was being followed, shadowed by two trusted pack-members. Somewhere, the snipers waited and watched, with their rifles trained on certain targets.

The informant was there, huddled in front of refuse. A bundle of rags and something else: cancer in the lungs. My nose picked up rotting, fermentation, and I snarled. And the hint of something sharp, like mint. Craz. The entire planet was hateful.

My paws sank into shit-filled mud or vice versa. Underhives were shelters for the poor, but they killed hundreds with dismal hygiene. The main sewage pipes ran through the underhives; they leaked and streams criss-crossed the streets. Food was openly sold beside these toxic streams.

Wide eyes peered from the pile of rags. Male, ageing fifties. Craz addict.

I padded forward, snuffling, making sure that he had seen me.

His response was explosive. Gibbering first, before back-peddling in a burst of violent energy. He dropped a silver of jagged metal and started sobbing. Tins overturned in front of him, spilling pieces of rotted vegetables and meat, cowrie shells, oak corks.

“Let’s talk, Dek,” I said in my human voice.

A pungent ammonia scent filled the air. He had peed into his pants.


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Weird Wild Out Now!

Weird Wild


Weird Wild a collection of themed mixed genre shorts by Geraldine Clark Hellery is out now!

Have you been down to the Weird Wild Woods? You’re sure for a big surprise. For down in the woods the wild things lurk, from hungry trolls to battling fae. Join the bears for the teddy bears picnic and enjoy more than a slice of pie. Beware the chime of the bluebells and those who dance to their ring. Basque in the shade of the Dragon Tree but beware it’s flaming leaves. The lake is a beautiful place to be and for many a site of pilgrimage while the campsite is always a busy hive of activity. If you’re into history, there’s a cairn and a stone circle all ripe for exploration with locals who know their history as intimately as if they lived it. So join us in the Weird Wild Woods, I can guarantee it will be a visit you remember for the rest of your life.

Out now in Paperback on and due any time now on

ebook will be available soon from Amazon, Spacewitch and Wizards Tower Press.


Chapter 2


After the meal, I bade Mother good bye and headed for my own personal quarters. The servants had cleaned and aired it out, letting the fresh scent of pine. I sniffed appreciatively. The balcony looked out into the clan’s forest area, replete with lake and trees. I would meet up with my pack-crew later in the evening, perhaps sharing a hunt with them. They had to know about their new assignment. At the moment, I had the luxury of being alone.

I dressed in a light cream robe and padded out on bare feet. My quarters were secluded, away from the main mansion.

When I reached the pine grove, I stripped naked, letting my skin drink in the air, the space, the energy. With a laugh, I stretched and turned.

Oh, the flesh engineers made it simple for us to change. I couldn’t explain it and could only say that it was all based on energy and the transmutation of cells. Illogical explanation, but all I knew was that it was pleasure to turn, and agony to turn.

The limbs shortened first, followed by the rest of the body stretching, cracking and adjusting the spine, the ribs and the muscles. It also triggered the stretching of the jaw bones and the emergence of the fur. I would say that the agony and pleasure would leave me panting, writhing, like sex and orgasm. But oh so subtly different. Turning was never sexual or sensual: it was ugly as heck. There were sub-groups in the clans who used turning as a fetish – but we didn’t normally talk about them.

I lay on the grass, exhausted by the turning. My senses were now different. One thing the flesh engineers had done to our wolf bodies was to retain our human consciousness. I was aware of my wolf limbs, wolf body. Slowly, gingerly, I got up, shaking out the kinks and the aches. I didn’t normally induce a full-body change, except on vacation and shore leave. Most of the time, the shifts were minor: fur on skin, hands into claws and the lengthening of canine teeth. Full turning would require focus and concentration. And of course, going full nude.

My strength returning, I trotted into the forest.

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