Breaking out the second whiteboard!

cover_toe03Yes, it’s come to that, I’m so busy I’m using TWO whiteboards.

Sadly I am not attending World Fantasy Con, however Mhairi Simpson who edited the fabulous Tales of Eve and a whole bunch of the skulk will be there. find them, they are lovely and very approachable and will be happy to talk about stuff.

Mhairi is also having a launch for the book at 10am on the Sunday. Plenty of FS will be in attendance and she should have copies of some of the other titles in our range too, so you can pick those up and get them signed.

Our own Alasdair Stuart will also be at WFC as red coat, seek him out he’ll be easy to spot at over six foot and in a red coat.

Additionally Vulpes launches at 8:30 am on Monday, so be here for that, it’s extremely exciting!

Now I have to go back and fill out the other whiteboard.