European Monsters Contents!

The editors Jo Thomas and Margret Helgadottir have released the table of contents for the upcoming European Monsters coffee table book.

Photo by Margret in Oslo
Photo by Margret in Oslo


Jonathan Grimwood: “Herne”
Anne Michaud: “Vijka”
James Bennett: “Broken Bridges
Byron Black: “Upon The Wash of The Fjord”
Hannah Kate: “Nimby”
Adrian Tchaikovsky & Eugene Smith (artist): “Serpent Dawn”
Joan De La Haye: “Black Shuck”
Aliya Whiteley: “A Very Modern Monster”
Nerine Dorman: “Fly, My Dear, Fly”
Aliette le Bodard: “Mélanie”
Krista Walsh: “Moments”
Chris Galvin: “Hafgufa Rising”
Peter Damien: “Old Bones”
Icy Sedgwick: “The Cursed One”
Jasper Bark & Soussherpa (artist): “Mother Knows Worst”
Plus an awesome group of artists/ illustrators: Daniele Serra, Eugene Smith, Gavin Pollock and Kieran Walsh
We are very excited about this unusual project at the fox den.