Fox Pockets Shapeshifters

FS Shapeshifters3 72

The line up in no particular order

Asher Wismer – War Most Willing,
Josh Reynolds – Bultungin,
Alec McQuay – Javier Reborn,
Rahne Sinclair – EigiEinhammr,
KC Shaw – A Cloud Like a Bunny,
Emma Teichmann – Mimicans,
Margret Helgadottir – The Lion,
Jonathan Ward – Mask,
S.J Caunt – Metamorphic,
Michael Pack – To Fly,
Fiona Glass – The Boyfriend, From Hell,
Rob Haines – Reliquary,
Jenny Barber – To Fox Tor Mire,
Francesca Terminiello – Job Security,
Den Patrick – Seductions,
K.A. Laity – Carlos

Shapeshifters is going through editing and I will release the running order and some teasers as soon as I possibly can. In the mean time, Pirates is imminent.

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