FS Book of Love : Cover

Those of you who subscribe to Alasdair Stuart’s the Full Lid got a preview of this, those who don’t well it’s here  and we highly recommend it.

Created by C.A. Yates, Paul Yates and Vincent Holland-Keen the book of love cover is here!

Love. That many-splendoured thing. It can move mountains and make
fools of us all, but what is it? Does it come courtesy of a cherub’s bow? Is it a
battlefield? Endless? Crazy? Only available on a Friday? Well, the answer
might be between these covers. Inside you’ll find stories from fantastical
worlds to fairy tales, from dark places to virtual reality, tales of transformation,
hope, and despair. Above all else, each one is, at heart, about love.

With stories from Douglas J. Ogurek, Dolly Garland, Alec McQuay,
James Bennett, David Tallerman, Joyce Chng, Xan van Rooyen, Michelle Ann
King, Lawrence Harding, Charlotte Bond, Kit West, Emma K. Leadley, Ro
Smith, Lisa Shea, K.A. Laity, Jenny Barber, and G. Clark Hellery.

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