Girl at the End of the World – Vol 2

and here are the covers and listings for volume 2.

I am crazy excited about these books and can’t wait to see the finished covers!




2,1 Dawn of Demons Eric Scott
2,1 Shirtless in Antarctica Justin Brooks
2,1 The Girls from Humanji Adrian Tchaikovsky
2,1 The Sharks of Market Street Michael Ezell
2,1 The Weed Wife C Allegra Hawksmoor
2,1 Under the Green Witch Colin Sinclair

2,2 The Winter After Michael Nayak
2,2 Girls Day Out Bruce Lee Bond
2,2 Hope Street Dylan Fox
2,2 I was Here Anne Michaud
2,2 Savage Times Paul Starkey
2,2 The Thirteenth Hour Michael Trimmer

2,3 Bunker Buster Alec McQuay
2,3 Halcyon High Gita Ralleigh
2,3 The Dragons Maw Cheryl Morgan
2,3 The eternal quest of the girl with the corkscrew hair David Turnbull
2,3 The Unbroken Line Kim Bannerman
2,3 Were Stars to Burn Kara Lee
2,3 Vanquish N.O.A Rawle

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