International Talk Like a Pirate Day winning stories.

Here are the winning flash fiction stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did and once again, the quality of all the entries was very high. They are all uploaded as pdf’s so you can read them on your screen or download to enjoy on your kindle later. The stories all came in at just under 1,000.

These authors are all being invited to take part in the upcoming Bushy Tales anthologies so I hope to be bringing you more of their work early in 2013.




By T F Grant

 I’m writing this on the back of an old telephone bill, yellowed with age; the only paper I can find. I’m writing this with the stub of an old pencil, which I found behind a sofa in my parents’ house. I kept it as a keepsake of the old world we made over, but it will do to write my last testament. I write this the old way, with no digital files for you to steal from me.

This is mine.

Geronimo – Click to view the whole story



by Chloe Yates 

            Anne the Bone was no fool.

            Red Johnny Bootleg might be hung like a well-fed donkey, but he was a good for nothing bully of a blaggard and she was done with him. She’d been thinking with her cunny for too long, acting like a sex-starved old salt. Talented in the bedchamber he might be, but Red Johnny was the most incompetent captain she’d ever sailed with. No sooner had they stepped on that fucking island than they were in all kinds of hellish bother. No treasure was worth the kinds of shit they’d seen that day. Now, the black spot was upon him and there would be no running this time. He may have come within a breath of dancing with old Jack Ketch a hundred times – if you believed his tall tales – but Red Johnny’s voyage was near its end, the devil take him.

 Leave the Pistol Behind – Click to view the whole story


by Margrét Helgadóttir

Nora stood on deck waiting for the other ship to come closer. The sails flapped over her head, eager to let the wind take hold. The air was thick with ocean mist and drizzling wet snow. She held her ship steady, standing upright, never letting the other ship out of her sight.

It was an old wooden sail ship, heavy in the sea. It glided towards her, majestic and elegant despite the high waves. The wind strained the massive sails to their limits. People ran to and fro on the deck, adjusting the sails. She counted five. All men. She shivered and huddled deeper into her fur coat.

Pirate Flash_Nora – Click to view the whole story

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