Missing Monarchs

The long awaited continuation of the Fox Pockets series is with us in Volume 4 : Missing Monarchs.

We were developing the idea for this series of flash and short fiction just as Richard Third’s bones were being discovered under a car park in my home City of Leicester. My imagination was captured, because while dead kings are not my specialty, the story of how someone as historically important as Rich 3 (as he is locally known) ends up anonymous and under a car park in a City centre rather than properly interred with other kings, that is kind of interesting. We added the theme and threw it out to see what others would do with it.

From runaway king’s to Oliver Cromwell’s head, from a local pub to outer space, from a drag club with a Red Queen…we bring you Missing Monarchs.

FS4 Missing Monarchs ebook 72ppi



Graham Wynd – Headless in Bury,
Emma Teichmann – In Absentia,
Lou Morgan – Oliver Cromwell’s Other Head,
Jonathan Ward – The Collector,
Victoria Hooper – The Lost Queen,
Ro Smith – The Runaway King,
Geraldine Clark Hellery – The Blooding,
Rahne Sinclair – Monarch of the Glen,
Michael Pack – Paths in the Forest,
Jo Thomas – the Lost Kingdom,
Christian D’Amico- Matriarch,
Paul Starkey – Checkmate,
Chloe Yates – Tits up in Wonderland

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