Neil Adams MBE : Winner takes it All

This Monday we have another snippet that didn’t make it into the book. Sometimes you have to let good material stay on the cutting room floor, other times, you blog it. You can find out more about Neil Adams Judo here.

Winner takes it All

So if you know me well, you know I’m not a great loser. I’ll hide it well, but really it’s killing me inside. What is well evident is that I do bask in the light of winning, no matter how small and achievement. This isn’t just on the mat either as the full timers will tell you and with our gym and running challenges, but you could also say I have a bit of a competitive streak when it come to driving as well.

Niki says I’m Jekyl and Hyde when I get behind a wheel. I blame it on driving in London all those years. It is an eat-or-be-eaten world driving in London.

One time I had this guy in a supped-up car beside me at a light. He kept looking over at me egging me on, revving his engine, so boys being boys and my competitive streak coming to the forefront, I thought I would have a little fun with Matey-boy to my right.

The light changed and we were off, I kept it close, and he kept gunning it to stay ahead of me. Once, than twice, he got ahead of me, but I wasn’t bothered, I knew something he obviously didn’t, which I pointed out to him through the windscreen, maybe just a little too late? The fast approaching roundabout at the end of the road was an obvious surprise to him as he raced through the circular and promptly up on top of the mound in the centre of the island, where he sat for all the world to see. Almost like a kind of trophy.

I’m usually a good sport and one who had witnessed this little encounter could have believe my circling around him two times on the roundabout could’ve been me making sure the driver was alright and free from harm. Some may say, the honking of my horn in a victory lap or two might have been seen as unsportsman-like conduct.