Nun & Dragon Updates

A couple of updates on the Tales of the Nun & Dragon

First of all Karen Davies whose story The Last Hunt will be appearing in the book was interviewed over on ‘Tony’s Thoughts‘ about her novel The Red Knight and other stuff.

Also, because at FS we are just too good to you, we had a little teaser done for the anthology, in song form. Sarah Cawkwell’s submission ‘The Ballad of Gilrain’ includes parts of a ballad, which is now complete and has been recorded by the talented Adam Broadhurst (Under a Banner).

You can listen to the track right here or on our ‘Bushy Tales’ page where it will remain.

For more information on Under a Banner

You can hear their music and download some songs for free at
Their website is and shows their gig dates and other useful information.
They can also be found on Facebook  and on Twitter @underabanner
And because I am so good to you, here are the lyrics:

Oh come ye now from far and near to hear this tale I tell
A song of courage, dragons, knights and… other things as well
A story of a hero, of a warrior made for greatness
(And even better would he be were he not prone to lateness).

Gilrain, our hero, was a bright young hero to the core
He’d killed such things as unicorns (and saw a minotaur).
But like the best of warriors, our hero had a dream…
A dragon he would slay to be his bestiary’s cream.

So with his faithful friend our hero trod the forest’s floor
In search of dragons he could kill and how the rain did pour!
It positively threw it down and everything was soaking
And Gilrain’s patience wore quite fine… it did! D’you think I’m joking?

Therin and Gilrain did take up shelter in the trees
When suddenly they heard a roar that brought them to their knees
An angry dragon flew near by, and wanted them for dinner
Therin, he began to pray… although he was no sinner.

But Gilrain… well, he knew no fear and soon he was a-fightin’
The dragon roared and fought and scratched and even tried a-bitin’
Our hero though… he stood his ground and just when things got hairy
He stuck his sword right through it’s eye – the sight it was quite scary!

The dragon slain, our hero stooped to fetch once more his sword
Imagine then his horror when the gods of thunder roared!
A bolt of lightning struck the weapon he had used to fight
And Gilrain’s monster dragon rose again! A horrid sight!

Can you imagine such a thing? A slaughtered dragon rising?
Gilrain and Therin stood there for it was quite mesmerising.
Then coming to their senses did the best they’d done all day…
Our heroes turned their backs and from the dragon… ran away.

They made it to the ‘Nun and Dragon’ tavern where they rested
And told their story to the people there whilst they were guest…ed.
The hero managed to procure a dragon’s tooth for gold,
And so they hired me to write this ballad (which I’ve told).

So come ye now from far and near to hear this tale I tell
A song of courage, dragons, knights and… other things as well.
A ballad for our young Gilrain and Therin – aye, him too…
A hero for our times in all the things that he will do.


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