Submission Call

It is Fantasycon Friday so I hope everyone at the event today is having an amazing time! We can’t attend but there should be just a little paw print on the Mother’s Milk Books table on Saturday.

We are opening our doors today too, but for submissions. We have a couple of slots for 2018 and we are looking for fiction to fill them. We will update the submissions page with this call in time for the 1st Oct when we officially open. 

Todd & Reynard enjoying a book together

What we want: You know our genres by now, sci fi, fantasy, horror, crime, blasphemous mixes of various genres, anything speculative. It can be dark or fun as long as it is packed with great characters and fantastic plot. 

Length wise, well, we hate to say it but we were doing novellas before it was cool, so really anything that is long enough to need it’s own book works for us. It needs to be completed though. Adult or YA is fine. If it leans toward middle grade, there will be another call for Fennec in due course, please wait for that. 

What we don’t want: We don’t do shock, extreme or body horror, it makes Aunty Fox squicky and if she can’t read it she can’t publish it. We don’t publish romance, erotica, literary or anything we haven’t actually asked for. We will reject without reading.

Our submission guidelines are on the Subs page and we do suggest reading them. 

Please make sure you use ‘

Doors open on 1st October and remain open until 31st October, please submit within that window. 

How we work.

Fox Spirit is a small press, we work on profit split, our terms will be 65% to the author 35% to us, but we will be taking all out costs for cover art, editing etc out of our %, so you get you % of every sale. We sell via Amazon using print on demand. 

As a small press we are working on a limited budget and limited range so if you have expectations of retiring from your dayjob on book income you need to talk to someone like Penguin. If we are interested in your title we will be happy to discuss expectations in more detail. 

What happens now?

During October we will gather submissions and send acknowledgements. If you do not receive an acknowledgement in 24 hours please let us know in case your sub hasn’t reached us. 

When submitting please send a short synopsis and the first three chapters. We may come back to you to request a full manuscript during the process. 

Depending on submissions we will read over November and December and finalise in January. 

Commissioning Editor Aunty Fox and Editor Daz will be reading submissions.