…Time to take over the world

Exciting times at Fox HQ as we are expanding just an itsy bit.

I’m delighted to announce that in addition to our forthcoming new imprint (still under wraps for now) we have a new team member joining us. Alasdair Stuart is not only one of our authors and the awesome host of Pseudopod and half the hosting team at Escape Pod, but he’s one of the UK’s most awesome genre journalists. With extensive knowledge and boundless enthusiasm Alasdair has for years been on the scene sharing his thoughts on all things genre.

We here at the den have taken advantage of SFX’s (totally unannounced) closing of their blogging section to nab some of Alasdair’s time and get him on staff. He will be doing a monthly column for FS covering interesting doings in the world of genre because we reckon the sort of people who write and read Fox Spirit books are the sort of people who watch and play SF, Fantasy and Horror too.

I will let Al introduce himself and his column in September when it all kicks off.