Very exciting updates!

The second Bushy Tales Anthology, ‘Tales of the Fox and Fae’ is nearly ready for press. It may be a little later than originally intended but it will be a volume worth waiting for. We have a fantastic line up of stories for you (copy across).

We’ve also made the slightly unusual move of including a comic strip in the book. For those of you viewing digitally, the story ‘Outfoxed’ written by Jasper Bark, , with fantastic artwork by Soussherpa , and lettering (and additional formatting) by Bolt-01 be at its best viewed on media such as a tablet rather than phones.

I’m particularly excited to see this story included as it was always the purpose of the Bushy Tales to go a little beyond the expectations of a traditional anthology. In Nun & Dragon we mixed genres and included some illustrations and even recorded a song for the Ballad of Gilrain so to bring the comic book form into the pages is very much in keeping with what these books set out to do.

Kieran Walsh has provided incredible internal illustrations and has outdone himself on his wonderfully creepy imaginings of a world that could hold these tales.

Cover art once again by Vincent Holland-Keen who reports that fur is much harder than scales, but who has delivered another gorgeous cover.

For those of you waiting for ‘Tales of Eve’ our own anthology of weird science for/by women, it is almost ready for release, with some final correction to the book being agreed as I type.

Finally ‘Piracy’ is also well on its way to completion, edits almost done and then it will be off to formatting. Piracy will be released in May.