Warrior Stone : Underland Out Now!

Out now!

Underland is a twisted copy of The Real that uses industrialised magic to power a weird mix of stolen technology. It’s just enough like The Real to make travelers over-confident and get them into trouble. Which is just what happened when Claire Stone accidentally falls through rushing home one night. Claire is offered a job as a Warrior, hunting down and destroying shape shifting monsters.What adventure-hungry lover of fantasy could refuse? Everything seems great, until a friend goes missing and the Warrior has to turn Hunter.


‘Warrior Stone: Underland is an action-packed urban fantasy that brought Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere to mind. Fill with adventure, magic, slick weaponry and a great cast of supporting characters (Evie is brilliant).’
Kim Curran

Available now for Kindle via Amazon worldwide

Paperback coming soon via Amazon

Ebook versions available soon via SpaceWitch


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